Soul-Vessel Alignment: Chapter 1

by Trina Otero When Akosmopolite was birthed in 2011, my intention was to write truths and to share my healing journey. I don't know how many of you know that, since many who visit this portal now did not see this space from 2011-2016. It was in spring of 2016 that I decided I wanted … Continue reading Soul-Vessel Alignment: Chapter 1

Dear Family of the Light, What We’ve Been Working Towards is Here | Winter Solstice 2017 Portal, Codes to 5D Living/New Earth

By Trina Otero Featured image from Happy Winter Solstice! This is a time of great celebration, it truly is. I have wanted to write for awhile, and it has gotten to the point where once again I hear the words billowing around in my mind at such a strong force that they must be … Continue reading Dear Family of the Light, What We’ve Been Working Towards is Here | Winter Solstice 2017 Portal, Codes to 5D Living/New Earth

photo of a bee, Akosmopolite

Bom Dia from Mother Earth!

By Trina Otero I wanted to share some photos I took from my first aya trip. ❤ Enjoy! [P.S. If you'd like to share any of these, please credit me & my site, thank you!] This is a Brazilian empanada - I had mine with cheese only [vegetarian here]. Guaraná is a popular soda amongst … Continue reading Bom Dia from Mother Earth!

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The Significance of a Nose Piercing

Photo by George Sistonen from Pexels By Trina Otero Last weekend I felt the urge to go get my nose pierced. Yep, sounds wild that I had a sudden "urge." But it's not that strange at all -- I have admired the nose piercing for many years, the same way I admired tattoos, and I knew I wanted … Continue reading The Significance of a Nose Piercing


Video: My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

By Trina Otero My first ayahuasca ceremony was the most spiritual experience I have had thus far. So much was clarified, so many things revealed to me, and so much memory restored during this session. I realize it is extremely meaningful because all of the information I found with and within myself, during the journey...and … Continue reading Video: My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

Princess Mariana

By Trina Otero When one says "I love nature," I now stop to ponder. I have said these exact words before. But now, I have danced with All of Creation, which is in perfect harmony at every single second of "time." I have swooped through the air and sang with the birds; soaked in the … Continue reading Princess Mariana

Video: My Invitation to Experience Ayahuasca

By Trina Otero Hello beautiful souls, I want to share about Ayahuasca and the journey I am about to take. I will provide links soon as I'm on the road traveling right now. If you really want to know more I encourage you (and know) you will do your own research! 😉 For now, hope … Continue reading Video: My Invitation to Experience Ayahuasca