Brittni DeWeese

Charcoal Drawings by Brittni DeWeese

By Trina Otero I think creatives are some of the bravest people on Earth -- creatives put time and effort into creating a physical manifestation of what they feel within them. If they have the courage, they display these intimate pieces publicly regardless of their fears, because deep down they know the outer world needs … Continue reading Charcoal Drawings by Brittni DeWeese

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How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

By Trina Otero I was younger than 10 years of age when I discovered Ernest Hemingway. His literature and expatriate life whisked me away to a vision.. A vision I would always keep in my mind and heart. I yearned for a group of Lost Generation'ers - I knew I would need to connect with … Continue reading How Do You Think a Revolution Begins?

Synaesthesia: Do You Experience the World This Way?

By Trina Otero How many of you have synaesthesia? Synaesthesia [also spelled synesthesia], in simplest terms, is when the stimulation of one of your senses automatically stimulates one or more senses, which causes you to experience something with two or more of your senses. For example, have you ever tasted something and associated it with … Continue reading Synaesthesia: Do You Experience the World This Way?

Trash Talk

By Trina Otero What I am about to share will most likely bring tears to the eyes of every writer worldwide. And artists. And photographers. Well, anyone with a craft. Ten years' worth of my writing is squashed under tons [literally] of trash in the Outer Loop Landfill. I didn't perform an experiment nor did … Continue reading Trash Talk