Video: 7777777

By Trina Otero If the gazillion 7 angel number didn't catch your attention, I hope this badass photo of the unicorn and rambo cat does. 😁 This video is about crazy blessings, things coming back to you when you least expect it [in a good way]. About Good Karma. Sowing what you reap. Abundance. Angels. Omens. … Continue reading Video: 7777777

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New YouTube Channel! Visit & Subscribe ♥

By Trina Otero Aloha everyone! I'm very excited to share my new YouTube channel! I have switched over from my old one to the new one, so I will be regularly posting videos there. I will no longer upload videos to my old channel, so I hope I see you over at my new channel! … Continue reading New YouTube Channel! Visit & Subscribe ♥

The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

By Trina Otero I haven't done a video in a few months, and while I was in Cerchio I felt led to speak openly about the healing journey I have been on since last year [2012]. I recorded this video in September but was unable to edit or upload until recently, due to inconsistent Internet connection. … Continue reading The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

Master Angel Intensive with Charles Virtue in 5 Days!

By Trina Otero I still cannot fully believe what is about to happen. My brain has not registered reality .... This is an opportunity that I fully believe is going to change my life forever -- in many ways! In five days I will be joining beautiful women and Charles Virtue, the son of world-renowned … Continue reading Master Angel Intensive with Charles Virtue in 5 Days!

My Path to Cerchio…

By Trina Otero The most important thing in my life is to focus and dedicate my energy to my purpose here, on Earth. To be a citadel of Love. To be a Beacon of Light. I dedicate the majority of my time to my spiritual life, my growth, reading, researching, praying, meditating, and connecting with … Continue reading My Path to Cerchio…