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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 15 – Focus On Taking Energy Breaks!

By Trina Otero Day 15: Focus on Taking Energy Breaks! "Take 'Energy Breaks' Throughout the Day. You can do it Anywhere! For Example, in Your car, in a bathroom, in a park or even in an Elevator, Etc. For 1 to 5 minutes through the Day or whenever You feel Stressed, Clear Your Mind of … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 15 – Focus On Taking Energy Breaks!

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Wolf Medicine for Full Moon

By Trina Otero Wolf whispers, "Tread carefully, and listen. Do not speak but feel, for the Full Moon soon approaches and there's much trickery as the shadows dance." - White Sage Wolf (T.O.) Full Moon Blessings. Namaste, T.O. ________________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work ❤ All works by Trina Otero is … Continue reading Wolf Medicine for Full Moon

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Video: → How to Attract Authentic People Into Your Life ←

By Trina Otero Have you checked in on your circle of friends, co-workers, family, and others and realized that some [or all] are not always honest with you? Feel like you aren't vibing right or not clicking on the level you'd like? I bet you want real, true and authentic friendships and relationships! You can … Continue reading Video: → How to Attract Authentic People Into Your Life ←

Mass wave of energy coming – Sanat Kumara – 6-10-15

By Trina Otero

A beautiful reminder to remain heart-centered and show compassion & understanding. Knowing that we all chose our paths. Let others unravel to their soul and awaken in their divine time. For those who are awakened, be the Light by staying in your heart, in the bliss of Love.

May the Light guide you.
Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work ❤

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Wave after wave of energy is entering your planet in these moments. What you need to understand is these waves are a gift. They contain codes that are changing your DNA and opening you to new and infinite possibilities. As you open, old programming is naturally released. Most of your population is unaware that these changes are taking place and may not realize it for many years until they look back and see the vast changes that have been made. For those that are aware of the process, we look to you to help the others along. You do not do this by pushing your views on another but rather by allowing them the space to go through this process. You do this by simply remaining in your heart and by understanding that all is happening perfectly.

While it is important to help one another, you must be careful not…

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Let My Existence Awaken You

By Trina Otero Let my existence sing to your heart and light up your soul. Let it shatter through the barricades of your mind, to free you from the deep slumber of which they want you to remain in. This is a wake-up call. - T.O. Wake Up. Namaste 🙏 ______________________________________________________________________________ Inspired? Share my Love … Continue reading Let My Existence Awaken You

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Women Want Respect

By Fae Khanom Beware of the strain the media puts upon you my beautiful sisters. We know it takes time to develop into a 'real woman' and we need to go through the motions of being a 'girl' first. This is the 'norm.' We live in a world where craving attention is deemed habitual and … Continue reading Women Want Respect

Falling out of love

How People Fall Out of Love

By Trina Otero Falling in love, true love, is when two people see one another's soul, the soul which is void of the human flaws that have been acquired while on earth. The soul is pure. Lovers become distant because of pain.. Hurt feelings. Lovers become distant because someone's expectations aren't met, the beautiful shining … Continue reading How People Fall Out of Love

True love vs. dysfunction

True Love Vs. Dysfunction

By Trina Otero Hey lovers, let's remind ourselves of this. The battle between Fear & Love is "real." Ugh, damn duality. You could say it's like the way between good and evil. Light and Dark. But it's real, and until you learn how to transform your fears into Love, you will need to continually, actively … Continue reading True Love Vs. Dysfunction

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Red Cardinal Medicine

By Trina Otero I thanked Grandmother Willow for her wisdom as I placed my right hand on her face. I closed my eyes, felt her energy, and took a deep breath in. I traveled with her -- down to the bottom of her roots. I released all of it there, at the Earth's core. I took another … Continue reading Red Cardinal Medicine