Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 17 – Focus on Releasing Negative Fear!

By Trina Otero Originally written Oct. 6, 2016 Day 17: Focus on Releasing Negative Fear! "*Fear can be Negative or Positive. *Fear that shows up Suddenly is usually Positive because it Helps with Survival & is a Sign to either Fight or Flight. Some Fear can even be Fun, like when Your Mind is Enjoying … Continue reading Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 17 – Focus on Releasing Negative Fear!

The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

By Trina Otero I haven't done a video in a few months, and while I was in Cerchio I felt led to speak openly about the healing journey I have been on since last year [2012]. I recorded this video in September but was unable to edit or upload until recently, due to inconsistent Internet connection. … Continue reading The Many Facets of Healing & My Personal Story

Breaking the Energy Bond

By Trina Otero

A useful technique to help you release energy ties with others, especially those from abusive relationships.

Journey of Awakening


As children of abuse, we developed in our formative years an unhealthy emotional and energy bond with the person who abused us, unfortunately that may be a parent.  Then as adults, we develop these same connection in unhealthy relationships with others in our lives.  Some of these relationships can be abusive, but most are severe dependency and even addiction relationships.

In my circumstance, I was sexually abused by my father, then I engaged in unhealthy relationships with men who represented my father who were emotionally unavailable or involved with another; one was a lot older, and another was an authority figure in my life.  In each of these relationships, the emotional and energy connection with these men felt like intense love, and we bonded through sex.  During each of these relationships, I was unable to break free and let go.  Ironically in my situations, it was these men who left…

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Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

If you experience or feel any of the following, most likely you are tired of your current life and desire a New Life [and you can have it!]: Unhappy with your job, or you feel there is no purpose for you Daydream, and when you look at your present life you are unhappy because the … Continue reading Sure-Fire Signs You Are Unhappy with Your Life & Want a Change!

pulling the plug, energy vampires

Why Don’t You Pull the Plug?

By Trina Otero I know what it is like to be in a situation with a person (or people) and suddenly snap awake. To suddenly snap out of it, look around, and realize something is majorly wrong. Something is not right about the picture. It doesn't feel right inside. You experience a moment of crystal … Continue reading Why Don’t You Pull the Plug?

Happy Anniversary [to Me]!

By Trina Otero I stood by the entrance to the kitchen, watching the Halloween party guests mingle in the living room at my friend's house. I smiled faintly. My boyfriend was down the hallway - he was drunk and being more obnoxious than funny. Collier, a guy I met through my friend an hour earlier, … Continue reading Happy Anniversary [to Me]!