Spiritual Counsel & Coaching

chakra_detox_challengeI have 3 different coaching services and they are as follows:

🐞 Phone a Friend $45 – Need someone to talk to about something? I’ll set aside 30 min just for the two of us.
🐞 Spiritual Guidance $144 – I will spend an hour with you & provide guidance and/or create a plan for you after a reading.
🐞 Your Personal Spiritual Coach $333 – Spiritual Guidance Package + on-call when you need help + check in regularly with you for 1 month!

I provide spiritual counsel and coaching, and it’s honestly what I have been doing for so many years, even when I was young but didn’t realize it. After receiving a reading, if you are not sure how to start using the suggested tools or how to implement the guidance, I can coach you through it. This means I will hold space for you and guide you. I will work with you if you are open and ready to heal, and ready to put in the work!

I also provide coaching services if you didn’t reach out for a reading and would like spiritual counsel and guidance. ♡

Perhaps you need to talk to someone you feel safe with, and I provide that sacred, loving, accepting space for that to happen. I also do my best to be a clear channel so that I can provide intuitive guidance for your situation, which may result in me providing any of the healing services I have to offer! 🙂

I have been providing counsel and coaching through my blog and social media for years, it’s been very natural, and many who are on their healing journey have reached out to ask for help during certain times when they feel stuck or don’t understand their current lesson/situation/healing. It is completely natural to feel this way.

I can provide you with information, insight on current astrological events, energetic themes, any intuitive guidance I receive for you, and provide you with tools so that you can do the work! And, I will coach you through it, guide you through it…show you whatever it is that you need to understand better.

*All readings/sessions will be via email and/or video call service, depending on situation.

If what I have to offer resonates with you, please fill out the contact form. Be sure to give me a gist of your situation, followed by any questions. If you aren’t quite sure what you need and have questions, by all means please fill out the form as well! If there is something I cannot assist you with, I am more than happy to connect you with the right healer, I know a few. I will do my best. 🙂 I look forward to hearing from you!

In Light & Love,

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