Sole Stories Project

Sole Stories is a project that is being actualized right now — summer of 2013 in Europe! This project tracks the adventures my friend and I are experiencing while wearing certain shoes. This concept was the idea-child of an old blog post titled Sole Stories, which I published in 2011. I was inspired to write that post because no one seemed to understand my fondness and sentimental connection to my Rocket Dogs. No one had any clue what my shoes and I had experienced together! Of course, not a single soul would know unless I told the stories, because I am pretty sure shoes have not evolved into talking objects.

I really enjoy travel, and I really enjoy self-expression through clothes [especially shoes]. I realized each pair of shoes I own DO have stories to tell. So I have a duty as a writer to share their stories since they don’t have mouths [or snazzy hands like mine]. 🙂 My fantastic friend, Jessica Faith, joined in the brainstorming process for this series, and I am very grateful because she is an amazing photographer! We have been planning this series for a year, and we are extremely excited to finally combine our talents and creativity to share our vision [and adventures] with the world. We hope you enjoy our Sole Stories!

To read about our adventures, just click on the Soles Stories menu tab [above] or if you are feeling lazy …. Click Here 😀

Ciao & Namaste,


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