Pranic Healing Services

I am now offering 3 different pranic healing services and they are as follows:

🐞 Aura Sweeping $30 – I’ll do an energy sweeping in your aura – remove toxic energy + cut toxic energy cords draining you.
🐞 Energy Maintenance $77 – Aura Sweeping + clear toxic energy from chakras and afterwards charge each with Divine energy!
🐞 Full Tune-up + Rejuvenation $160 – Includes everything from Energy Maintenance Package + attention to weak/depleted/congested areas.

I am a certified Level 1 Pranic Healing Practitioner, and my role is to hold space for you and serve as a channel for Divine to clear out any old, congested, toxic energy in your aura, cut negative energy cords, and then charge your chakras and aura with Divine energy. This will clear away a lot of stress, mental fog and chatter, anxiety, low vibration emotions, and any physical pains or physical symptoms you are experiencing. Understand that all negative thoughts and low vibration emotions get stuck in our energy field if we do not clear/heal them, and we even absorb negative thoughts and emotions from others, and this causes us to feel out of alignment and sick. After a session, there is a tendency for the physical body to purge old energy, which means you will feel your body needing to go to the bathroom often, possible vomiting [though rare], and even sneezing and/or blowing the nose! Emotionally, you may feel a lot of release, you may feel more open to communicate your feelings about past wounds, and/or you may experience past memories surface for healing. ❤ Every individual I work with has a unique experience, so there is no exact expectation I can give you. Just go with the flow and accept the healing!

I also might receive messages for you, if permitted, and can relay them to you. If I am also permitted, I may see certain areas within your body that need healing/work. Pranic healing is a wonderful tool, and it will help you, but you have to want to continue to do the inner work to see lasting results [meaning: one pranic session will not be the cure-all to your situation, but it is a very powerful step forward in healing!]. I can provide you with simple steps on how to clear yourself on your own once our session is complete 🙂

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