Sound Healing: Lionsgate Message from Divine Feminine to Divine Masculine

Come on a journey with the Divine Feminine — follow Her through the threshold of the Lionsgate Portal as she calls out to Her counterpart, the Divine Masculine. She acknowledges the distortions Her counterpart has had to play in to survive, the traits He has identified with for so long in this Earthly world that distort and distract Him from His truth. She acknowledges Her part as well, and lovingly encourages Him to join Her in letting it all go and to go within His heart to remember all that He is. She beckons Him to dive in and bathe in Her holy waters to heal and rejuvenate His heart and soul, and She invites Him to dance around sacred fire to trample all illusions. A beautiful melody from Her heart to His of recognition, reminders of self mastery and unity.

This sound healing is similar to a guided meditation, but with sound, toning, Light Language, and channeled melodic messages. With this sound healing chakras will be cleared and you will release: judgements and blocks that keep you from honoring yourself and your counterpart; energetic imprints that cause misalignment with your soul and path; blocks to memory of the regal union you two share. ☯︎ Really, whatever your soul is ready to release and receive will take place.

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