Doses of Love

Hello beautiful soul, I’ve created this space to provide Love Offerings in exchange for Love Donations. Your love & support is so appreciated! 💙 Please donate using an Angel Number, for example $2.22, $3.33, $4.44, $5.55, $11.11, etc. or a fave unique one that pops up to you lately! When you donate via Paypal, you’ll be taken to your chosen love offering. When you donate via Venmo or CashApp, please tell me which Love Offering you chose and leave me your email so I can send you the link. 🙏🏽

guided meditation release fear old energy peace past lives reincarnation old beliefs meditate inner peace

A gentle guided meditation to aid in releasing old energy from your body, your mind, and energy field. This can be old thought forms, old beliefs, old fears from this life or past lives, old wounds & painful events, and old relationships.

Attract abundance manifest manifestation health money love friends

A gentle guided meditation to help you release what is no longer serving you (and blocking you from that which you seek). You’ll be guided in embracing and honing in on the feeling you will have once your abundance is manifested – embodying the feelings are key in manifestation ✨