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Did I see Nanotech in Someone’s Auric Field?

By Trina Otero My short vid will explain. I’ve already had several people message me to talk about nanotechnology. And others messaged me to say they have been seeing things lately as well. I feel so overwhelmed about this info 😓, it's so over my head and I'll need to sit and do proper research … Continue reading Did I see Nanotech in Someone’s Auric Field?

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Yoni & Womb Care to Heal Trauma and Unlock Wisdom

by Trina Otero On July 12, 2021, Venus ascended from the Root Chakra into the Sacral Chakra. And I was ECSTATIC. I am STILL ecstatic. She is rising back up towards the Heavens, in Her remembrance, in Her power, and in Her sovereignty. 👑 And for those of us who follow her path as she passes … Continue reading Yoni & Womb Care to Heal Trauma and Unlock Wisdom

Soul-Vessel Alignment: Chapter 1

by Trina Otero When Akosmopolite was birthed in 2011, my intention was to write truths and to share my healing journey. I don't know how many of you know that, since many who visit this portal now did not see this space from 2011-2016. It was in spring of 2016 that I decided I wanted … Continue reading Soul-Vessel Alignment: Chapter 1

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Starseed Magic 🔮 & Sex Talk w/ Scarlet Ravin 😍

come join us Friday when podcast episode drops 🧬 #starseed #newearth #5d #sovereignty #sottpodcast #akosmopolite #trinaotero #scarletravin #nakedstarseed #whitefox

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By Trina Otero 02.26.21 I was thinking about him just yesterday, looking at our goofy fotos together. When I woke today I realized it’s his birthday, or was, and I thought, “Well idk I should say something inspirational today.” But really, nothing came to mind. But I had a whole inner dialogue with myself and … Continue reading Frankie

Drugs in Modern Society: Perhaps the Most Misperceived Issue

By Ty Nelson, contributing author Think about how many times you go in public and see someone drinking a cup of coffee, having a beer, or smoking a cigarette? Everyday you see people taking different substances into their body that affect their mental and physical state. So-called “drugs” are actually used commonly. Depending on the … Continue reading Drugs in Modern Society: Perhaps the Most Misperceived Issue

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Devotion to Mother Mary

By Trina Otero Featured Image: One of my previous altars Thank you Grandmother Anna, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene. Thank you to all the Marys before me, the Marys here with me now, and the Marys who will follow. Happy New Moon in Taurus 🌚 ! This post is very special to me -- to share … Continue reading Devotion to Mother Mary

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Disparity in the Sisterhood

By Trina Otero Originally written Jan. 5, 2015 I read a fucking amazing poetry piece that uplifted women, and then one hour later I witnessed a woman tearing down another woman. I don't dig it. But I understand it. But I don't dig it. We can build one another up, or make people feel like … Continue reading Disparity in the Sisterhood

My Experience with Devotion to Hanuman

By Trina Otero Paying Attention to the Signs 👁 The energy of Hanuman and Rama visited me in my dreams on Saturday, Jan 4, 2020. Their energy came to me during an important time while I was in need of divine assistance. Many details in the dream pointed to preparation for New Beginnings, devotion, prayer, … Continue reading My Experience with Devotion to Hanuman

Ease your anxiety and return to an innerpeace during this quarantine 💚

By Trina Otero Considering what is going on right now (with the Coronavirus) I have made my MasterClass evergreen. 💚 Meaning, it is open for anyone to register and join at any time (it was originally hosted March 9). Why am I extending this invitation? Well, many are feeling an array of emotions, one major … Continue reading Ease your anxiety and return to an innerpeace during this quarantine 💚