Dear Family of the Light, What We’ve Been Working Towards is Here | Winter Solstice 2017 Portal, Codes to 5D Living/New Earth

By Trina Otero
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Happy Winter Solstice! This is a time of great celebration, it truly is. I have wanted to write for awhile, and it has gotten to the point where once again I hear the words billowing around in my mind at such a strong force that they must be written. I don’t know why I tend to do that… it’s a weird writer’s thing. But I have to get better at being more punctual because I am a messenger, a Galactic Communicator.

I honestly don’t know how to let the words unfold, so I will just write as it flows out. I know for a fact that my messages will and do call out to and resonate with Starseeds, Family of the Light, and those who are beginning their Awakening here on Planet Earth. Because of recent events in my life, recent activations that began in 2015 now some of my messages call out to and resonate with those who are carrying the codes for the Twin Flame experience. If you are unsure about some of these terms/experiences but have found my website nonetheless, you are meant to be here and receive these words. That is how the Universe works, how energy works. Ask and ye shall receive. And sometimes, we ask and receive answers but do not heed the signs, the answers, because we are too busy thinking the answers will come in a different form. Also, many answers we find “by accident” or “coincidence.” Lol. It is not coincidence. 🙂

Anywho, life and experience has been interesting the past few years, especially for those who were activated in 2011. I am pretty much from that wave – the group of Starseeds who heard and received the energetic call to wake up and remember our Calling, our Missions, and we began receiving Light codes in a lightening-fast manner. Our lives drastically changed. Not all, but many. Mine did. The Light codes that came in during the 11/11/11 portal completely shifted everything for me, the reality I was participating in, and began to align me with my True Calling and with my solitude so that I could cleanse and heal, purge all that was not for my Highest Good and Calling here on Planet Earth. Soul memory, Galactic memory, information coded in my DNA flowered forth, which included memory and confidence in my spiritual abilities, including “clair” abilities as people call it here. During the 12/12/12 portal once again I made sure to align with the energy that night to call forth and connect with my Light Body and the Crystalline Grid. It is so funny because at that time my memory was still fuzzy about some things, and I didn’t fully “understand” some of these terms BUT I KNEW I was supposed to align and call it forth. I FELT that I had to. And so I followed my intuition, since my dedication eversince my activation and alignment has been and continues to be my service here, my mission.

Since 2012 many things have happened upon the Planet Earth and within my life, which I don’t really need to share all that but instead hope my words offer you the opportunity to reflect upon your life and experiences since 2011 and 2012. What has occurred within you, around you, in your city/state, your country, and around the world?

What has been shifting?

In 2015 I was willing and ready to accept my clair-abilities and soul wisdom after having experiences with dark forces; and I was ready to fully admit that there really was a dark agenda at play upon the planet but orchestrated through non-physical [lower level] realms. Because I was willing to do this I then was able to go through this process of cleansing my physical body, mental and emotional bodies, and my spirit so that I reached a very high state of vibration, 5D reality even though people around me were not in this reality. I began receiving rapid Light codes, especially for my Heart and Higher Heart, and all were mostly for and about reuniting with my partner. My male counterpart who would join me and work alongside me. During this year I communed with Mother Ayahuasca more than 15 times, I’ve lost count, but I drank the sacred tea from May 2015 until early January 2016. This allowed for me to unlock alot of memories, unravel and begin healing childhood trauma and past life trauma, begin the ancestral cleansing/healing process, receive guidance and further instruction on how to use my abilities, receive many Light codes, integrate into my physical form, and just so much more that I could go on for awhile but won’t. I plan on making short YouTube videos to cover Mother Ayahuasca and share how she can help you and what her consciousness can reveal for you. All-in-all, I share all this to say it was yet more clearing, purging, preparation and remembering. Some things I won’t share because that is for me only.

Clearing and purging has been the name of the game these past few years for MANY, especially Starseeds, Twin Flames, members of the Family of the Light. And because we are clearing away all the distorted programming we received/absorbed since incarnation/walking in, we are also clearing for our bloodlines, our families [family you incarnated into], and the collective of the human race. To be completely honest, I have seen life get kind of wonky and uncomfortable ever since spring/early summer of 2016 – so many major masculine planets went retrograde which set forth something huge in motion for the masculine collective, and the masculine within ourselves. My partner and I actually met and united in May of 2016 and after our initial recognition, soul memory and activation, an intense energetic cleansing ensued. Like really… there are no words to put on it at times, but if you have gone through or are going through clearing and integration, you completely understand. So for him and I it has been intense clearing on many levels, in different timelines and realities. I know many of you out there have been going through the exact thing, and some who have been under this purification process do not understand what is going on. It’s like a super intense awakening for some of you, and it got tough, pretty tough. He and I have observed others around us going through the same purification and… for lack of better words… losing it. Breaking up with their counterpart because of extreme triggers [which by the way is the old energy just letting you know it is there to be cleared away, there is no need to relive it. Handle it with and through Love and your Power]. Going into depression. Feeling suicidal. All kinds of stuff. We have helped where we could, planted seeds of Truth and Light sharing with them what is going on energetically, spiritually, astrologically. Some listened, some didn’t. And that is Free-will and we understand.

There has been alot of death. Why do I say that? Because it is the riddance of the OLD, it is the clearing away of the “old man” as stated in the Christian Bible. It is the purging of energy, of information, that we either received or absorbed once we entered into our Earth mother’s womb. Information we were fed once we were born, from our family [their habits, their energy, their ways of Be-ing], our environment [home, community, friends], our educational system aka programming system [Pre-K all the way to University], our culture and society [cultural traditions, cultural beliefs, media, technology, etc]. I mean, I could go on. It is a deep purging of ancestral karma, family karma – information that is encoded within your DNA. Purging of the feminine and masculine collective. I could go on and on….. we have carried SO MUCH without realizing it. What you believe about Love and relationships is heavily tainted by the very experience you had within your family, observing your parents and the way they treated one another. Whether you want to accept this or not. And don’t forget that we carry memories, information, from past relationships and other lifetimes and that can serve as an energetic block in an area of your life until you are ready to clear it away. And so…this is why it has been so intense… because even when you thought you were clear enough… healed enough… there was MORE to be seen. More to blast through with your Power, with Light. And this is why so many struggled – because they do not remember who they are… or they have forgotten. So they are reliving memories, energies, and most likely being manipulated by dark energies which desire to keep everyone on this planet in low vibration. In FEAR. This is how they can remain and maintain control.

But, here is the Truth. They are losing. Big time. Yes many are still asleep or in a foggy state of forgetfulness, but there are many more of us who are awake and transmuting the Darkness. And because of this intense alchemical work we have been doing, along with those who came before us, the old paradigm is falling. It is crumbling before our very physical eyes. To those who are asleep and to those who are now awakening, this appears as chaos to them. There is fear. But for us, for those who have been working diligently, we know there is nothing to fear. The Dark Reign is falling.

Since about October, there has been this energy of Death, strongly. As for me… this was mostly a very internal trek. I do not remember what was happening on the global scale. I just know that I began feeling homesick, that I yearned to hear from my Galactic family, that I kind of wished I could leave Earth, but also I was taken deep into my subconscious. The energies of this time….. which carried well into November, even December…. called for this necessary trek through the dark waters, the neglected corners of our subconscious. Especially for Twin Flames. If you want to know more about this, here is my blog post where I speak about it, and I also encourage you to go to Cassidy’s site and read through her channeled messages during October and November. Whatever jumps at you really. You will find what you need. Because at this point, I am done speaking about the Death… and ready to share and celebrate the NEW, the Resurrection, the Rebirth, the New Phase of Life that has begun.

For those who went through the Phoenix Energy these last two-three months, I commend you and your loved one for your efforts and hard work. And I do hope that you felt or are feeling the elation that this month has brought. The energy that is here! I myself felt like I was being reborn, resurrected and I felt that I needed to be ready during the Winter Solstice. My partner felt the same and he began a 10 day water fast right before the solstice. Many of us kept receiving the message “Make Space”, “Create Space” and heeded that message; prepped space within ourselves, and our minds, to receive the influx of Light coming in. On December 21, Winter Solstice, Saturn returned home. If I am off by a day or so I apologize, it could be the 20th. What is important is that Saturn has returned home to his home sign – Capricorn – which heralds a NEW major phase, a NEW cycle on Planet Earth and for everyone. Saturn leaves home and orbits through the zodiac every 27-30 years…. which this very phase has come to an END. With Saturn being home in Capricorn for the next three years there is much positive change coming. This is an important time and it feels…. different. When I felt this shift during the Solstice weekend, I knew what I’ve been waiting for, what we have been waiting for…is coming. Is here.

There are Light codes coming in during this time and I hope you are open to receive them. What we have been working so hard for is here. My partner and I went all out for this holy time, this “holiday” and created a beautiful feast to celebrate all our hard work, we deserve it [and more!] and to celebrate the NEW that is here. Before we ate of our beautiful food, we had a special fire ceremony by the fireplace to bid farewell, to fully let go of all limitations, all distortions… to finalize the journey of death we experienced, and to open ourselves up and welcome the Light codes and anchor our Divine Selves, our Light Bodies fully into our physical form. There is a merging taking place now all over the planet. There is and will be a palpable change as many of us members of the Light connect and anchor into the 5D reality. To confirm what we felt, a YouTube video found its way into my feed yesterday and when I listened I was washed over with energy. And knew it to be true. This is really happening, the New Earth.

Will you make the shift? Are you ready?

Below is the channeled message about this super fun, joyous, blissful time! This truly is a magical time, believe it, feel it, remember it, know it! Love to all.

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full moon death and resurrection

Full Moon Reflections: Much Death and Resurrection As 2017 Ends

By Trina Otero

I decided to write in the shadows of the deep night, in the light of the Full Moon. I just had no idea I’d be writing during these sacred hours [it’s almost 4 a.m. here], but my laptop had other plans and updated for four hours. I could have put this off until the morning but I’ve felt the yearning to write, and heard the whispers. I wonder if anyone else can hear them…

It’s a Full Moon you know, and Mercury has gone Retrograde. And while there is definitely a lot of mental chatter and emotional debris blowing about in Astral, I hear one thing with much clarity – “Let Go.”

letting go of the past let go of everything be free of karma

And so I bring this to you, dear reader. I’m not sure if you know this, but it is the last Full Moon of the year 2017. A number 1 year, the foundation of the next 9 years I believe? [In Numerology, 2017 when broken down is 1.] Are you willing and able to reflect on all the inner work you have accomplished this year, this year that sets the stage for what is to come? And can you, or are you already aware of all the things that you should [and can] let go of, to free you from the past and far past… from the chains of destructive repetition… from ancestral/family karma… from distorted programming on this planet and in this plane? From all that stems from Fear?

There has been a theme for months now… I felt it creep in as I felt the weather begin to change. Death. I felt Death and saw the theme over and over and over… since about October. Yes, literally there has been Death in the physical plane, but there has been so much Death internally within us all. Death of old beliefs. Death of programmed responses and programmed feelings. Death of old habits. Death of situations and relationships that do not serve your highest good, your true nature. Death of aspects of yourself that you perceived as you, yet with deep inner work realized it was energetic burden from another. And just because October has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that Death is done. We are still in this wave of Death… Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10 and He will transit Scorpio until November 9, 2018. Jupiter helps us expand and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, of power and regeneration…. these Scorpion waters will take you deep into your darkest, repressed areas, into the subconscious psyche… but not just for the sake of diving deep into murky waters. This is occurring for expansion, exploration, higher learning. I’m sure those who are dedicated to their inner work noticed a lot of subconscious stuff surface and this will continue to occur as Jupiter does His thing for a whole year. This will aid us in becoming, in TRANSFORMING, into the best versions of ourselves.

scorpio energies of rebirth resurrection

Which brings me to the other theme in the wind – Resurrection. Fall and Winter typically are the seasons of cold, of wind. In Ayurveda we say Vata. Along with the wind chill I have felt the element of fire, my fire within me and that makes a lot of sense.* The only way anything can be transformed is through fire. This happens within our bodies, within nature… within everything. The fire is needed in order for any change, any transformation. And so do not fret with the thought of Death, the sensing of what is dying within you… because it is only occurring so that you can go through a beautiful process of transformation, of Resurrection. It has been a very interesting, challenging, insightful, and beautiful process for me thus far. I have come to innerstand things within myself, within my mind, and how certain events, especially traumatic events, shaped and created programmed responses for certain stimuli, and discovered small pockets of shadows in the deep corners of my mind. I spend time dusting these inner areas, creating space so that New can grow.

We are now in the first week of December, close to the holiday/holy day many call Christmas. For me, there is an even stronger emphasis of Death and Resurrection as the Sun will experience a “Death” on December 21, which is Winter Solstice, and be reborn/resurrected 3 days later on Christmas, December 25. This day marks the ancient celebration of the reborn Sun/Son which will reach it’s fullness on Summer Solstice.

death and rebirth of sun during winter solstice

I’m not sure how any of you celebrate this time, this holiday/holy day, but I kindly and lovingly ask you to perhaps consider reflecting on what has died/been dying within you and in your life, and what you are being guided towards… what is being birthed within you and around you. How are you resurrecting and what is resurrecting within you? How bright is the Sun, the Light within you that will be reborn, and how will you tend to, nurture, and cultivate your Light as it reaches it’s fullness next year?

With Grand Love,

*Ways in which I saw and felt my fire – feeling and admitting I was experiencing irritation and anger. Feeling more energy to do things, execute ideas and to-do lists [and with a fury I might add]. I was a bit snappy and/or feisty towards my partner. Experienced situations within my body and symptoms, such as heartburn [sign of pitta aka fire, usually when too high within the body]. If you’d like to know more about Ayurveda give me a holler. 🙂

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spiritual evolution of the human race

Current Healing Themes/Lessons During This Time of Great Spiritual Evolution & Expansion

By Trina Otero

It has been many moons since I have written, really written on here. For some time my energy and creativity was guided and channeled more towards my YouTube channel, and at some point in 2016 I pulled back my energy to focus on myself and integration, which I briefly explain here [TF Clearing Sacral Chakra to Reclaim Power, Self Expression, Sacred Sex + Wesak Energies]. But WOW, let me just say that. The themes that have presented over the year are plenty and deep, and I know I don’t stand alone in these experiences. This is a collective process, which is one reason I have been guided back to the keyboard. To speak and communicate, express in some form. You know that feeling? When you start to have these stream of thoughts itching and gnawing to be written down on paper or typed across the screen, and it replays over and over in your head until you get them out? Yeah, that.

I remember joining Instagram sometime in 2012, looking to find answers, inspiration, other Starseeds… hoping to find others who were experiencing something similar to my path. And I found it… I mean that is honestly one of the main reasons my social network, soul tribe, support and readership grew. Others in the awakening of 2011-2012 found me and I them, and we all guided, inspired, supported one another through our social media platforms, and wow, it was something beautiful, and still is! It is a huge factor in how I came to realize and awaken to my purpose – I shared astrological and healing themes, dived deep into Love and Fear, and whatever else needed to be communicated through me. Alot of effort shifted to visual teaching/communication [YouTube] as I explained earlier, but lately I have been feeling a strong urge to once again communicate different themes/lessons, but… “timing” wasn’t right. And I think at times I actually caused myself to feel guilt for not being present on social media to help others, or YouTube to communicate and teach concepts. I feel a huge responsibility putting myself out here to help others, but I had to remember that I have to take care of myself too. And that is what I did, what I have been doing. Because, let’s face it, these growing pains – expansions – are intense and I know I’m not the only one. I have soul sistars clearing and healing right alongside me; so this means that those that I do not know, and perhaps people I do know, have been going through the same – ancestral clearing, past life healing, family karma clearing, childhood sexual trauma healing, integrations and harmonizations, womb healing and so on…

pistis sophia by Sheranda Ann Kumara

Pistis Sophia by Sheranda Ann Kumara

Where should I start? I vote to list the themes at play instead of dates because time isn’t linear and these themes didn’t happen at exact same “time” for everyone, although there are groups of people that experience the themes together at whichever point in “time” for that group. And remember, sometimes you are clearing and healing for the collective, you may have felt/be feeling sensations, having memories, experiencing emotions that are not “yours.”

  • Clearing and healing for the Collective Masculine, clearing patriarchal programming, repression of Feminine/Intuition within [masculine incarnate and masculine energy within all of us]
  • Balance and harmonization of Masculine and Feminine within
  • Feminine incarnate remembering and healing collective pain of the Feminine [abuse, shame, repression, disempowerment, sexual abuse from Patriarch and collective karma from time of Matriarch]
  • Healing and integration of soul aspects
  • Childhood trauma healing, returning and reclaiming innocence, playfulness, and purity
  • Innerchild healing, integration of fragmented parts of inner child
  • Past life trauma healing
  • Rapid purging of distortions [programmed beliefs from society, environment, family, past lives]
  • Past life memories returning
  • Soul memory, DNA activations to remember mission/goal for current incarnation
  • Timelines merging/harmonization
  • Focused chakra clearings and healings
  • Sacral chakra clearing/purification
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Clearing of sexual trauma/sexual manipulation/child molestation/pedophilia and exposing these vampiric entities and the human beings on the planet playing out and supporting this agenda of disempowerment and slavery
  • DNA repair and activations
  • Reclaiming power and setting healthy boundaries
  • Innerstanding importance of sacred space and maintaining clean, pure home/space and setting healthy boundaries for energetic protection/purity
  • Death and rebirth themes [changes, transformations within and without]
  • Root chakra healing [clearing distortions around stability, money, safety, disconnection to Mother Earth, learning/maintaining grounding]
  • Tests of Faith, Trust and choosing Love over Fear
  • Choosing timeline, choosing reality to vibrate to as Old Paradigm crumbles
  • Awareness and choice of feeding or starving energies/entities connected to Old Paradigm
  • Accepting and Balancing Dark & Light, Higher and Shadow Self within
  • Self forgiveness and forgiveness of others
  • Surrender
  • Twin Flame/Sacred Lovers/Twin Soul purgings, integrations and reunions [the themes above are a part of this integration]

That’s quite a list, huh? I probably could keep going…. I’m laying it out there to see if any of my readers, or any new visitors, resonate with any of these themes and if anyone wants to share their stories, their practices and remedies. ❤ I encourage you to check out my YouTube because I do have videos on some of these topics. We are all in this together, a collective, and we are moving the whole Human Race forward in spiritual evolution. ❤

Kundalini Rising by Celeste McNeal

Kundalini Rising by Celeste McNeal

I’ll share what my partner and I have tried and implemented. 🙂 “Diet” aka Food choices/Lifestyle is a HUGE factor, and if you don’t understand why.. research into Monsanto, GMOs etc. and vibration of processed foods and meats in comparison to fresh food [produce]. Staying away from Dairy as much as possible is also huge! I am creating a course that will walk you through a 21 day flush and fast that consists of only grains, nuts, fruits, veges [vegan diet], and I will explain the importance of clearing out the body – mind, body, spirit. Each week I will focus on one aspect – the body, the mind, the emotions and spirit – and help you understand how each aspect is dependent on the other. I hope you join it once I am finished! It will be affordable and it will support me to continue to do my work. ❤ We also implement clearing and protection techniques; we incorporate meditation; use crystal friends; take regular salt baths [to clear energy]; cut negative energy cords daily [as much as possible]; sing mantras; practice celibacy for span of time; partake in plant medicine journeys to clear, receive and reconnect [especially during really important cosmic events]; give one another pranic healing; and have recently started the practice of Falun Dafa. There’s probably more, but this is what I remember off the top of my head. 🙂

divine guidance from angels spirit guides divine beings

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this.. which at times it can totally feel that way, especially if you are going through the awakening process or if you are in a low vibration as you are purging heavy stuff. I know, because I have been there! ❤ And when we are in these lows, a nice reminder goes a long way… gives hope, sparks soul memory, shines forth some Light on your heart and path… You are a powerful being of Light and you are not alone, you are loved, you are guided if you are open and willing to receive and listen to Divine Guidance and messages, you have the right to reclaim your power because you are a Sovereign being and YOU are the one to give, deny, and/or revoke permission to whomever/whatever of using/connecting with your power. If you are ever feeling confused, and really low, first step would be to clear your energy, reclaim your power, space and essence, and cut negative cords. This will take an energetic burden off of you and help you gain some clarity. ❤ I hope this reaches those that need it. ❤

Two aggressive dogs attacked emotional support animal

Wolfgang recovering from attack

On a side note, I want to share a GoFundMe campaign that my partner and I recently created. Our precious furbaby, Wolfgang, was attacked by two of our neighbors’ dogs several days ago, and they are refusing to pay for his medical bills and so this was a sudden unexpected cost for us. We are also in need of support to file a suit against them to receive compensation and to make sure that they are liable for implementing something to prevent their dogs from attacking anyone else. We are currently in a financial bind as we have been going through so many transitions this past year, but we are keeping faith and trust in God, the angels, our guides, and openly asking for any support. You can find out more by checking out my post Help Our Furbaby Recover From an Aggressive Dog Attack. Any monetary donations, resources, and support is greatly appreciated! ❤

With Grand Love,

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Two aggressive dogs attacked emotional support animal

Help Our Furbaby Wolfgang Recover from an Aggressive Dog Attack

By Trina Otero

My partner and I have put together a GoFundMe campaign in hopes that we will receive help and support. Five days ago two dogs attacked our furbaby, Wolfgang, while he and I were on our way back home from an early evening walk in the neighborhood. I tried to protect Wolf by standing in front of him and yelling in a commanding tone for the dogs to stop and go away, but it didn’t work so Wolf quickly positioned himself in front of my body to protect me. These dogs charged full speed across their owner’s property, crossed over the road and attacked Wolfgang without hesitation. I tried my hardest to separate them but it was impossible – the large dog was most likely a pitbull too so he and Wolfgang kept locking jaws with one another, and the other dog kept attacking Wolf’s neck, belly and legs. Wolf was badly wounded. If you are easily triggered, quickly scroll past.

Wolf wound 2

Multiple bite wounds on the face, and torn right ear

Wolf wound 3

Bruising in his eyes

Wolf wound 1

One of the two deep canine bite puncture wounds to his right leg

The whole experience – being present during the attack and not being able to protect him; getting him home while he was wounded; nursing and monitoring him through the night until we could get him to a vet; the panic, anxiety, exhaustion and financial burden – was and has been a really traumatizing, horrific experience. I wouldn’t wish this on any person. Those who have loving companions such as Wolfgang know just how precious and cherished they are, the beautiful gift of Love they bring, and that they are FAMILY… and it is scary as fuck when something happens to them. 😦

We are reaching out for help because Animal Control cannot do anything at this point because the neighbors lied and said that my partner trespassed their property and threatened them. So, by the time my partner had walked back home and called the police about the attack, it was already in the system through the dispatch that it was a “domestic dispute” instead of an “aggressive dog attack.” Animal Control told us that they have given the Sheriff’s Deputy “the courtesy” of taking this incident, but advised us to file a civil suit. The Kentucky Humane Society does not want to offer aid, or get involved, because we will be filing the law suit. We looked into applying with Red Rover but because we have not neutered Wolfgang we do not qualify for the aid [wtf?].

So our campaign is two-fold – to raise funds to help us during this financially tough time, in taking care of Wolfgang AND standing in Truth seeking justice to make sure these people, who have exhibited dishonesty out of guilt and fear, are held liable for their dogs and their lies. It is very upsetting that someone would even lie when they know their dogs have done something hurtful to someone else. It really is upsetting, and if you know me, you know I am all about standing in Truth, standing up for what is right, living in authenticity and standing up for rights. We tried to settle it with them in a friendly manner, and they instead retaliated with lies, so we have decided that the civil suit is what is best [and it will cost to file the complaint].

You are more than welcome to make donations through the campaign page Help Wolfgang Recover or my Paypal Account. Either way, it will go directly to us. What I have noticed, however, is that GoFundMe takes a percentage of the donations for using their platform and we won’t receive the funds right away.. we have had our first donation but won’t receive it until next Tuesday [Nov. 1]. That part is a little frustrating. If you go the Paypal route it will go straight to me, right away, no fees, no wait and if you opt for that option we are grateful. If you do choose to donate through Paypal, just let me know in the Notes section [of the transaction] if you would like a photo magnet of Wolfgang thanking you. It will be at the bottom of this post for you to see what it looks like. Please share the campaign with anyone and everyone, and if you have any suggestions on the anxiety or suggestions on natural products and natural remedies to help heal his wounds that would be sooo appreciated! ❤

❤ Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. ❤

With Grand Love,

Help Wolfgang Recover Go Fund Me Campaign

parasitic energies and negative entities

Clarion Call to Clear Parasitic, Deceptive Energy | Sexual Manipulation, Pedophilea, Sexual Trauma

By Trina Otero

For those who are aware or are ready to be aware. Also a call to my brothers and sisters of the Light who can stand with us and help clear, heal.

I am open to receiving loving support for the work I do, if you would like to contribute a Love Donation I AM so grateful ♥ →

Generational curses, generational karma, ancestral programming being exposed and cleared.
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Butterflies symbolize transformation, into the beauty of the soul

Believe in Yourself

Closeup photograph of a dandelion, which shows sacred geometry

Looking into the Universe. Captured by me.

By Trina Otero
Featured image captured by Trina Otero

Pay attention to the Universe, it is always whispering to you, nudging you, giving clues. Most often, others can see your strengths and gifts clearly, before you recognize them, because you are so accustomed to yourself and your capabilities. You think your gifts are ordinary, an everyday thing, you’d never think that it is what you can offer the world, and therefore, create abundance. You underestimate yourself, and the talents that come naturally to you. Listen to the whispers of the Universe, channeled through the lips of peers – the what-seems-very-random comments, compliments and suggestions. If you start to notice a pattern, pay attention. And, most of all, believe in yourself. Be true to yourself. – T.O., channeled from somewhere, someone, some way… ❤

May the Light guide you.
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Conscious acoustic music artist Katie Buxton

Music Monday: “Revolution” by Katie Buxton

Acoustic music artist Katie Buxton releases first album

By Trina Otero

Artist: Katie Buxton
Track: Revolution
Album: Something Different

It’s spring – almost summer – and wow, did it bring in some sweet-ass fresh, creative energy.  So many of our intentions and creative ideas are birthing, blooming, and right along with this breathe of fresh air is the release of my soul-sis Katie Buxton’s 1st full-length album Something Different. In fact, her album was released the day of the powerful Super New Moon, May 25. So much birthing and manifesting, breaking through for all of us right now! New beginnings. New. Different. Something different.

Katie’s soul bumped into mine, serendipitously like all other soul-enriching encounters, somewhere along the way over these past few years via Instagram. I still remember the time I offered to stop by in Tennessee and jam with her on my way down to Alachua, Florida, where I performed seva at an ayurvedic healing retreat. Lol, I dunno what happened, I never got to stop by but doesn’t mean it can’t happen. 🙂 Anywho, I have really enjoyed her growth as a person and as a music artist. I sincerely feel this big bubble of pride and joy in my heart when she shares something new, when she shares her creations and successes.

So when she told me her album was being released, I jumped at the chance to feature her music for the first Music Monday of 2017. Her last track on the album, “Revolution,” immediately caught my attention – and I won’t ruin the surprise. Check out the song for yourself to see why it’s so meaningful. I hope her mindful lyrics and heart-filled tunes resonate with you all as well.

“I am not here to create something just to sell it – I am here to make people feel something, to think about things that they might not otherwise. To make people want to create a positive change in some way, shape or form. I strive to make music that leaves people a little different than they were before they heard it.” – Katie

“I’d [like to] talk about the title and where it came from, as it’s very important to me and sums up this whole new chapter.

When I was trying to think of a title for this album, I was sitting on my bed with my laptop open, writing down words I thought sounded cool in a blank document. I wanted something that felt right, something that encapsulated the entire album and my entire message, a name that was just as intentional as the rest of it. I sat there for awhile and had a pretty long list but nothing clicked.

I paused for a second and let my mind go quiet and immediately I saw the words in front of me – Something Different. I knew that was it – this project feels unlike anything I’ve created or observed. It’s honest and special and just feels really important. But what’s crazy is I didn’t even realize at first that those words literally come from a line in “Revolution”, the very last song and my favorite off the album – basically, when everything is going to shit and our world is in pieces, “maybe we’ll start wanting something different, but why does it take losing everything to start a revolution?” [The words] “Something Different” is not only how I see this project, but is everything I hope for and am working towards for this planet. I want to see our population demanding a better world – more peace. More joy. More honesty, and more love. It’s what I believe we are headed towards, as long as we wake up and start from where we are today, not tomorrow.

Katie Buxton's new album, Something Different

Katie Buxton’s album artwork drawn by Marissa Quinn.

Inside scoop on meaning of album artwork:

“When I was brainstorming the artwork I knew I wanted something related to animals and the natural world since that’s a huge part of who I am, and I wanted this album to feel as much like me as possible. I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted on it until I came across a picture of a rhino, and it immediately clicked. I didn’t really know why since I’ve never thought of them as my favorites or anything, but then the realization sort of came down from the sky:

Rhinos are unique in the way that they hold this quiet power – they’re never depicted as aggressive or predatory, yet they hold this sense of strength and power simply by being and existing as they are. I identify with this so much because something I believe in so deeply and that is the concept of this album is the fact that when we stand rooted in our truth and authenticity and everything that we are without apology, we hold this special, sacred power that allows us to help the world shift. We become a force.

Aside from the rhino, I wanted the bee to also be the centerpiece – when there are honey bees, there is balance. “Something Different” represents a world that is in perfect harmony again, and I believe it’s where we’re headed as long as this population keeps awakening.”

Hope you enjoy her intentional music! Check out her website to get to know her better and make sure to follow her on social media, which you can find her links there on her site as well. 🙂

May the Light guide you.

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Twin flame intimacy clears chakras

TF Clearing Sacral Chakra to Reclaim Power, Self Expression, Sacred Sex + Wesak Energies

By Trina Otero

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017 sent powerful energies guiding us to clear our sacrals of the distortions of the past, enabling us to fully reclaim our birthright to feel, express, and enjoy life, including enjoying sex with our partners without all the baggage and illusions! Not only does the energy of the week bring us this healing theme, but there is death and rebirth here…letting go of that which does not serve highest good and fully embracing the rebirth and freshness rushing in, to carry us forward with such joy and creativity! And NEWNESS! To reclaim our power, our sacred sexuality, and to receive the divine energies coming in because of the sacred Wesak, giving us the energy to anchor in and carry out our life work, our spiritual missions on this planet. Watch my video below for more in-depth info. ❤

Beautiful music provided by @PowerThoughts Meditation Club

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May the Light guide you.

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Pranic healing combines science and spirituality

Pranic Healing – Healing Modality Backed by Science!

Certified Pranic Healer in Indiana and Kentucky

By Trina Otero

Hi everyone! I am now officially a certified Pranic Healer – certification received December 2016 – and I want as many people as possible to know how this healing modality can help you heal and improve your life, health, and energy! This modality’s strong focus on clearing energy highly resonated with me – as an intuitive, empath, and healer I know the cause of ailments are rooted in “negative” energy, old energy, and blocked energy centers. What immediately pulled me to this modality [trust me, I was pulled] was the fact that I could FEEL and sense the evidence as I was trying some of the energy clearing techniques. The abilities of clairvoyance and clairsentience allowed me to see and feel for myself that the techniques were in fact working. Even those who do not have developed clair abilities can FEEL the evidence with a simple exercise, which they walk you through in free introductory classes and free meetings.

One of the staples of this modality is that you search for the answers yourself, that you experience the practice and results yourself and then decide if it works and if it resonates with you. They do not try to force this modality upon anyone but simply present the facts, history, and techniques and allow you to experience for yourself. And trust me, in the one and only free meeting I attended, I met two gentlemen, now pranic healers, who shared their personal stories with us. Before they found pranic healing they both suffered from ailments – some physical [one could barely walk], some mental/emotional – and both were atheist. Upon studying and practicing pranic healing, they began to notice a difference in their health and life; furthermore, their consciousness expanded to the idea that there is a greater power “out there”. ❤

Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing is a “newer”, modern “version” of Reiki, which is also an energy healing modality.  “Master Choa Kok Sui is the Founder and Originator of the Pranic Healing®” and in my classes I learned this great soul was a very logical person while incarnated, very scientific. He was a scientist, and he knew science – running experiments – could explain and bring greater understanding about healing, which thus far seemed magically inexplicable. If you decide you’d like to know more, you can learn about Master Choa and the scientific methods he used, along with simple techniques by searching for a Pranic Healing Meetup near you, or find a local event via the main website.

“Master Choa not only conceived the comprehensive techniques designed to cleanse and energize the physical body, thereby accelerating the rate at which the body can heal itself, he even originated new, never before used terms, to thoroughly clarify the concepts he devised. Master Choa successfully has demonstrated that energy is an important factor in healing the physical body, and through employing Pranic Psychotherapy®, also in healing the psyche.

Master Choa formulated an easy to learn, user friendly system, so brilliantly simple that even new students can rapidly learn to heal simple ailments, enabling them to produce immediate positive results that contribute to good health and well being.” (Source)

I am going to provide a YouTube link to a CBS segment that featured pranic healing and how it is being used by medical doctors as well [yes, you heard me right 🙂 ]. Also, you can search for more info by simply searching “pranic healing” on YouTube and on Google ❤

If you are interested in a session, whether in-person [for Kentuckiana residents] or distant healing, you can contact me via my contact page. I am ready to help you on your healing journey. ❤ Whether you are simply curious how it will feel, if you have physical pains/illness, trouble clearing energy, desire a calmer state of mind…. whatever it may be, contact me. 🙂

May the Light guide you.

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When a woman feels shakti it inspires her to dance and move her body.

Ecstatic Vibrations of the Goddess


By Trina Otero
Featured image by Trina Otero & Jessica Faith

I have never been so ecstatically appreciative to be a woman as I am right now; every cell of my being is orgasmically alive and vibrating with Shakti. I can feel it in all my senses, especially in the way I move and create. 🌺 – T.O. ‪

Orgasmically alive,
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