The Celestine ProphecyI have a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis [IUPUI], with minors in religious studies and international studies. I am a Galactic Citizen [Starseed], providing channeled messages, wholistic intuitive healing, energy healing, sound healing, spiritual counsel/coaching, and teachings.

As a Starseed, I was born with past life memory [on and off Planet Earth] and heightened intuition and sensitivities. I interacted with energies and beings as I thought it was normal! [It is normal, by the way.] I blocked most of my gifts, and even some memories, at an early age because of trauma and the public school system but I remained connected, intuitive. In college I desired to pursue my spiritual life to really understand myself and Creator, to remember, and in 2007 when I was 20 years old a series of events took place to shake me awake, and my clauraudience returned. This was hard to live with at first because I could hear everything all at once, it kept me awake at night — I thought I was going crazy. This is how I learned to meditate, to focus on my breath to calm my mind and still the noise. From 2009-2011 I went through many experiences to test me and my soul wisdom, inevitably pushing me to the edge.

Namaste_Anjali Mudra


In 2011 I was reawakened and activated — I decided to stop being lukewarm about my mission on this planet so I surrendered and completely dedicated myself to my healing, spiritual life and purpose. Once I did this, instant knowing returned, my intuition heightened, and I delved into deep spiritual and metaphysical studies, developing my gifts.

The Universe led me to Italy in 2013 to work on a travel project but the Universe had other plans! While working on the project I continued to research, meditate, and seek answers, which led me to participate in Charles Virtue‘s first Master Intensive in Italy. During this retreat, I was reunited with familiar souls I recognized from past lives, and I further honed my abilities and unlocked memories. I received my certificate — I am a certified Master Angel Practitioner.

I am also certified in Indigo Awakening Studies, which I also received my certificate from my fellow Indigo teacher Charles Virtue, 2013. I felt this was extremely important, since I recognize that many Indigos/Starseeds have been misdiagnosed (with ADHD, Autism) due to our abilities to tune into other realities and our sensitivities to other energies.

That was only the beginning. A very transformative year followed, with inner travel and shadow work being the key focus for 2014. This process allowed my intuition to be sharpened and more gifts to [re]surface. Crystals strongly called to me and I began listening and working with them. In 2015 I received the call from Mother Ayahuasca — the opportunity to drink this sacred tea activated my DNA more than I could imagine, ignited cellular memory, provided direct contact with Guides and Galactic Beings, and aided me in fine-tuning my abilities even more.

warrior pose_yogi_yogini_nature yoga

I began Yoga Teacher Training in 2015, and while my studies have been temporarily paused, I am to receive my RYT 200 certification soon. This, along with seva [selfless service] at an ayurvedic healing retreat, has provided me with a more in depth education in meditation, pranayama [breathwork], and Ayurveda. 💗

2016 was a year full of purging traumas and distortions, integrating into my physical form, integrating different aspects and my other half [Video Here]. As 2016 was winding down, I was led to Pranic Healing and received Level I certification.

My dedication to my path has unlocked memories, intuitive abilities, and taught me how to heal and empower myself. I have spent the last few years sharing what I have rediscovered and learned, teaching others how they can focus on their spiritual evolution and heal as well! My goal is to empower all those I meet, so that we all can remember who we are, heal and return to our natural state – which is our right – so that we can heal planet Earth and bring her back into harmony as well.

I am grateful that you have ventured to my site. I truly believe there is something here for everyone. ✌

With Great Love,
Trina Otero

Feel free to check out my curriculum vitae here!

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  1. politicalconnection says:

    Truth is always a wise goal for one in matters of the body AND the soul. In the afterlife, we will be awarded for how much we truly pursued and loved the Truth. Those who seek for Truth more than money, and those who thirst for Truth more than water will find it if they search with all their heart.

    That’s why “my truth”, “your truth”, or the next guy’s “truth” are of little importance. Humans are imperfect in logic, reason, and ideas. It is THE Truth that matters and sometimes Truth costs us everything. I have found THE Truth. I have spoken to the Creator of the universe and He has forgiven me, loved me, and promised me an amazing afterlife. He visited our planet once two thousand years ago as one of us. We despised His Truth, so He went away. He is returning soon however to be with all those who love the Truth and to reign upon this earth. His Words are more verified, authenticated and recorded than any other historical documents in history (15,000 ancient manuscripts). They have also been found by archaeology, a boatload of fulfilled prophecies (every one 100% accurate to the detail), and even linguistic codes to defy the field of probability and statistics. His Words are quoted by every major religion and even plagiarized by many, but treated unlike any other religious book in that it is the only religious book banned by multicultural schools and governments. The Truth will win in the end and for all eternity. The Truth’s Nemesis wants humankind to be apathetic toward the Truth and instead be mindlessly entertained, because he knows humankind on their present journey will find immense pain in the afterlife if they never accept and trust the Truth with their lives. The Truth will only be found by those willing to search for Him with all their heart regardless of the cost. I pray you find the Truth in your journey. Grace and love to you.

    Thanks for following! 🙂


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    Hi Trina,

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    Many thanks and enjoy,

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    • akosmopolite says:

      No problem at all! You mentioned so much and seem to have done research or something. I just tend to have many discussions with my spiritual family but never thought to write about it. I’m still learning about this… And actually I am starting to see it more easily now. Effortlessly. 🙂 Namaste


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