Soul-Vessel Alignment: Chapter 1

by Trina Otero

When Akosmopolite was birthed in 2011, my intention was to write truths and to share my healing journey. I don’t know how many of you know that, since many who visit this portal now did not see this space from 2011-2016. It was in spring of 2016 that I decided I wanted to shift this blog into a website, a portal, for my energy work. Eventually it expanded into my business / portal for my spiritual mission and assignments.

I still love to write, although it has been a long time since I have regularly blogged. If you poke around my site (especially the navigation menu) you will see that I now channel my creative energy into various things, such as: teaching, creating and editing videos, creating and editing graphics for my social media, crafting healing potions, channeling light language and sound healings, and publishing episodes for She of the Throne.

But I am on a new journey, guys. Just as I was when I became aware of it late 2011 early 2012. I am on a Soul-Vessel Alignment journey. This is the name I have given it. 🥰 This is the name I have been telling my soul sistars to describe the work I am doing. And I have felt the urge to talk about it here, so…. ta-daaa…. here I am 😊, to blog about my latest healing venture. So more than likely this will be a series of blog posts with the main name Soul-Vessel Alignment.

trina otero akosmopolite starseed embodiment bodywork

First thing’s first. I want to break down the name. It is sort of obvious though, isn’t it? Maybe it’s not, and that is totally ok. So if you don’t know me, I am super connected to Spirit. And connected to MY spirit. This way of life comes naturally to me. To take it even further, living IN spirit is more natural to me than say… living IN my body. I know my fellow Starseed sistars and broskis might get this. Fellow empaths and highly sensitive peoples out there probably get this. Yeah… my whole life it has been easier being tapped into various realms and experiencing everything from my spirit, as the Soul, rather than being fully in my body. Embodied. (what an important word!) It wasn’t until early 2015 that I noticed I wasn’t physically embodied. Why? I’ll tell you why. In 2015 I began: a great regimen to blast through energy blocks, spending time almost everyday in nature, a communion with Mother Ayahuasca, and Yoga Teacher Training. This beautiful combination of practices taught aka reminded me how to anchor into my body, to be very present with nature, to be in tune with nature, to listen deeply to my body, and how to begin correcting physical & energetic misalignments.

In these recent videos I share more in depth about physical embodiment, what I have learned from Mother Ayahuasca and other Plant Teachers about embodiment, and a little about my journey thus far.

Ima be real with you. Mama Aya, at various times over the course of 9 months with her, kept showing / telling me things like: you need to correct your spine and you need to let those emotions go (as I sensed energy pointing to my tummy). This shit didn’t make sense to me. I didn’t have any back pain or issues that I knew of. And I didn’t feel any emotional baggage. So what the heck was she referring to? Well… hehehe… I’d eventually figure it out. Like for example, in Yoga Teacher Training we progressed to balancing asanas, and when I tried to move into these positions I failed at them. Miserably. Everything before that point had been either super easy or slightly challenging but easy to master. But every balancing asana we were taught (which I would realize later requires core strength) I would stumble, tilt sideways, or just not be able to do at all. I got so frustrated. My frustration and stress continued to grow as revelations around a childhood trauma became more and more clear during my time with Mama Aya. I became overwhelmed with my daily duties as a seva intern, I felt there was a lack of support for my overall health as a seva intern too, and I had no time / space to process the tsunami of emotions that were flooding in from recovered repressed memories. I quit Yoga Teacher Training, gave my notice of leaving at the healing center, and moved back to Indiana. So I could figure out how to navigate my healing around childhood sexual trauma.

And since then (January 2016 until now, July 2021) it has been a lot of werk. So much dismantling, purging, inner alchemy, integration, and bodywork. I will for sure dive into all this in better detail in the future chapters of this Soul-Vessel Alignment series.

I hope you take time to listen / watch the videos I have shared, poke around my site / social media, and feel free to leave comments or send me a message if you have any questions or wanna share your stories too. I also have Patreon communities, if you want a sacred space to share with me and others. Come join us!

I also have an online course that I have been developing since 2016, the curriculum is finished (omg 😱) and I am finishing up the last of the recording / editing of lecture videos. This online course will tremendously help with rediscovering presence with yourself, your body and what it needs, and alignment with your body, mind and spirit. Basically everything I have learned since I was 20 years old is in this course (and I am currently 34 as I am typing this right now). So yep, that is alot of knowledge rolled into one course. 💖 Come check it out, pre-order, or order it Here.

Pop back in super soon, with more detail on my bodywork journey.



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