sisterhood trina akosmopolite goddess women empowerment priestess divine feminine

Disparity in the Sisterhood

By Trina Otero
Originally written Jan. 5, 2015

I read a fucking amazing poetry piece that uplifted women, and then one hour later I witnessed a woman tearing down another woman. I don’t dig it. But I understand it. But I don’t dig it.

sisterhood trina akosmopolite priestess goddess divine feminine women empowerment

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We can build one another up, or make people feel like shit. Which do you want to do? Your choices say alot about you. ‪#‎Reflections‬

Women, I love you. We need to love one another — we are powerful, diverse, beautiful, intuitive and posses a strength that men can only ponder of. Not saying they aren’t strong — I’m saying feminine strength is different. Love yourself. Love others. Love each other. We are sacred. I love you. 💜

‪#‎foodforthought‬ ‪#‎whileirespectyouropinionsiwilldeleteifitishurtful‬ ‪#‎beblessed‬

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