My Experience with Devotion to Hanuman

By Trina Otero

Paying Attention to the Signs 👁

The energy of Hanuman and Rama visited me in my dreams on Saturday, Jan 4, 2020. Their energy came to me during an important time while I was in need of divine assistance. Many details in the dream pointed to preparation for New Beginnings, devotion, prayer, and protection & security.

My dream fell on an auspicious day – Saturday. My soul sis Radhika shared with me that Saturday is the day devotees call on Hanuman for protection and to rescue themselves from effects of Saturn🛡 Interesting info – I was recently told by an astrologer that I’m in my last year of my first Saturn Return 💫 I am also clairvoyant; I constantly clear energy for others, and constantly need to practice protection. Plus I had been picking up on some super heavy passive aggressive energy in my living environment. So I felt led to call on Hanuman and practice devotion as well, for one month, to see what was awaiting me. What is interesting is that this was my second personal experience coming into contact with Hanuman energy. The first time was in 2018 when I felt led to watch The Ramayana and ended up talking about it in a YouTube video.

Who is Hanuman?

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Hanuman is the kind, ape-humanoid being who helped Rama save Sita from the demon-king Ravana. You can learn about this story in the Ramayana. Here’s a really good animation on YouTube I can share with you too, in English 💙

Devotees of Hanuman believe he was one of the incarnations of Shiva. And devotion is the name of the game when it comes to Hanuman. Hanuman was devoted to Rama and therefore Sita, which can be translated as devotion to God. Devotion to Hanuman is the same – devotion to Him is devotion to the Supreme. To God. That is the way of devotion, also known as Bhakti.

Devotion to others is devotion to God 🙏🏽

My Spiritual Practice

Hanuman chalisa krishna das spiritual protection clairvoyant

My spiritual practice in regards to my devotion to Hanuman consists of chanting/singing the Hanuman Chalisa (I like the one sung by Krishna Das), singing/chanting the Hanuman Mantra by Deva Premal, and listening and singing along to Baba Hanuman by Shantala. 📿 (I’ve now created a Spotify playlist with devotional songs to Him if you’d like to listen.) I do this on Tuesdays (his auspicious day) and Saturdays.

I like to play the songs immediately when I wake up, so that it is the first sounds to hear and enter my consciousness. I also play my Mary devotional songs. If I am having to drive someone somewhere, I play it in the car and sing along. (Which is perfect, because it grounds me, keeps me from being anxious, and protects us on the road.)

I also received guidance in January to practice a deeper devotion to Mother Mary. I have never worked with specific mantras for a set amount of time before, at least not consciously. I’ve had favorites I’ve played over and over, so it’s possible I was intuitively working with mantras in the past. But since January I embarked on a new adventure of devotion to specific energies (Mother Mary & Hanuman) and I have been blessed ever since.

The Results

Hanuman Sita Ram Shiva Vishnu Lakshmi goddess god clairvoyant protection spiritual warfare

Hanuman lovingly looking to Ram & Sita. Image from Pinterest. Artist unknown.

After one month, I did not want to stop. For real. One month turned into two. Then three. And here I am, still devoting time to Him.💙 I started off listening and kinda chiming into the Hanuman Chalisa on the designated days, and eventually decided to sit still and write down the chalisa so I could teach myself. This practice of learning the chalisa in itself turned into a form of bhakti. 💙

Now, when I sit in my sacred space I sing the chalisa word-for-word. I close my eyes and swoon, swaying side to side as I sing. Sometimes I sing when not in my sacred space. And I not only sing on Saturdays and Tuesdays — before the coronavirus pandemic I had to drive a teenager to school every morning & I’d turn on the Hanuman Chalisa and sing it the whole way there. If I did not play it I felt energetically off the rest of the day. Now that I don’t have to drive her to school, I am not in the car for an hour every morning, but I still play the chalisa a few times a week, aside from the designated days.

At the end of the Sundhara Chalisa Krishna Das sings, “Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram” etc. and the song beat picks up (gets faster). I’m not sure why but as I listened and stopped singing, I felt a wave come over me and then chills, then felt a bubble in my chest then throat. And some tears came to my face and then a smile. Like happiness. Happiness. I felt happiness. The tears weren’t from sadness they were from joy. – Me, Jan. 21, 2020 from my journal

The very first time I sat down in my sacred space and sang along word-for-word to every single song in my playlist, I felt a connection, I felt an intimacy to the practice, and I felt chills. I had beautiful experiences while devoting time to Hanuman, and each experience was never the same. There were times of gentle joy, other times of groundedness, times of pure bliss that I’d cry, other times of gratitude. 

It is said in the last stanza of the chalisa that whoever chants it with full devotion to Hanuman, will have Hanuman’s grace. Among Hindus worldwide, it is a very popular belief that chanting the chalisa invokes Hanuman’s divine intervention in grave problems, including those concerning evil spirits. – (I can’t remember where I got this quote, sorry)

I have to agree. When I first started my devotional journey I was battling psychic attacks, ebb and flow of confusion, doubt, and my heart was hurting and full of old pain. Within days of beginning my practice I began to feel protected and could feel external energies less! So if you are an empath or clairvoyant (or both) I HIGHLY recommend this mantra! Maybe after a week, I could not sense psychic attacks at all.

Whenever I had a difficult disagreement with my partner or anyone else, and we couldn’t find a solution and balance right away, I’d play the Hanuman Chalisa, which helped me come back to my center and pray over the situation. And after a short time (sometimes hours, other times a day or a few) the situation was resolved

The Hanuman Chalisa also helped me stay grounded during a purification of an old dynamic between the masculine and feminine collective. The old pattern of the masculine fearing the power and expression of the feminine, and wanting to silence her. The devotion provided light and guidance through healing of many dynamics in the masculine and feminine collective — healing the father-mother roles, the brother-sister roles, the lover roles. I encourage you to watch the video for more insight. ^^^

I also had the realization that giving devotion to Hanuman is giving devotion, celebrating, and communing with the Protector, an aspect of the Divine Masculine, the Great Father. I had a bottle of CBD in my altar space and had an experience with the consciousness of CBD that showed me it was the masculine presence, and so I felt the Great Father was blessing the CBD. Aside from the CBD, another liquid in my altar space was a bowl of water I placed in front of a picture of Mother Mary. After my realization of the Great Father’s consciousness in the CBD, I had a deeper understanding that the Great Mother’s consciousness was in the water. ♥ 

The consciousness of the Great Mother is in the water. Water is an element of the Feminine. The consciousness of the Great Father is in CBD. It is extracted from the masculine cannabis plant. – me, from my journal

Here are some more thoughts I’ve written down in my journal:

Could devotion and singing songs to Hanuman be the celebration of the Divine Feminine being saved from suffering? The Feminine incarnate being saved from past suffering? And the Feminine within all beings being saved from suffering/darkness/oppression? The revival of Spirit in all of us?

The story of Hanuman in the Ramayana could be a metaphor. A metaphor for the Divine Feminine when she is battling demons — ego, darkness, doubt. She is becoming succumbed to it, maybe even almost drowning, since in the Ramayana she was taken (by Ravana). Taken to the island of the demon king. Ram is her counterpart. The Divine Masculine. And Hanuman is the protector aspect so I feel like this is an invitation for the Divine Feminine to connect with her Divine Masculine energy (within) to protect and shield herself. I think I said all of this in my YT video in 2018. Anyone, male or female, when they feel like they are falling “prey” to darkness, to ignorance, they only need to look within and tune into their Protector Spirit and shield themselves. Know that they are protected and cannot be touched. They can overcome any obstacle.

I want to make sure I share that I received signs numerous times through dreams, thought forms, and oracle card readings that we (me, Ty, Wolfgang) were protected; this began happening after I started my devotion to Hanuman. I also received guidance “randomly” on various days that I needed to chant the mantra… and I’d find out later that there were people who had negative thought forms/intentions towards us… so my devotion to Hanuman has showed me in many ways that it is a great spiritual tool of protection! 🙏

I want to share with you that doubts are demons.. fears are demons.. And Hanuman can help you with this. Whenever you are confused about a situation you are in, whenever you can’t think straight, whenever you are so full of confusion and doubt, when you feel lost… just chant or listen to the Hanuman Chalisa and see what transpires for you. If you are a clairvoyant, an energy healer, an empath, someone who is highly sensitive, if you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder….. call on Hanuman and play the Hanuman Chalisa and see what manifests.✨

Your Thoughts

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Are you a devotee of Hanuman? Or have you dedicated time to him in the past? Are you working with one or a few specific mantras right now? Would love to hear your stories.



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