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Come Learn Why Detoxification is Important | A Free MasterClass & 21-Day Journey

By Trina Otero

Hello beautiful people 👋 It’s good to be here blogging again. I’m dropping into my space to share some cool news. My energy and efforts have been channeled into creating sacred space on Instagram annnd creating an online course! 🤓 This has been a dream of mine for some years now, and I held it in my wombspace, nurturing it. Well, Mother Mary is so gracious and loving, and a great guide to me. She has motivated and guided me in creating this, and I’m finally ready to share it. 💙

Some of you, if you are bloggers/followers of my WP, know that 5 years ago I drafted a blog post and activity called “The February Flush & Fast.” Welp, this is the big mama, the root from which my flower has bloomed (de course, people, de course). Over these past years I have experienced much shadow work and practice of spiritual tools, and I was able to break things down in a way that is easy to learn and understand. So I created my course theme around cleansing the body (the flush and fast), the mind, and spirit. This course shows you the importance of a detox, and how cleansing brings more clarity and peace to the mind, and in turn attunement with Spirit.🕊️ I will guide you through a 21-day journey of commitment and investment to yourselfyour health, and your spiritual path. I’ve broken the course down into sections, with focus on the body, the mind, and spirit. I teach or remind you the importance of your relationship with food and healthy clean food, and how food is thy medicine and does affect your mind, your mental health and mental habits. So yeah, I’m talking thought patterns, perceptions. I have activities to help you move through yourself and to cultivate healthier habits – lifestyle changes, whether that be physical, mental, or a deepening into your spirituality. I dive into energy, and how you can bring yourself into alignment through practice of mindfulness and acceptance that you are a conscious creator.

This course is great for everyone, no matter where they are on their journey. It helps those who have just awakened and need some spiritual foundation. It helps those who have been dedicated to their path for awhile. It is for those who need a gentle loving nudge to get moving, who need inspiration, who need to move out stagnant energy and a funk. A rut. This is for anyone who is experiencing stomach issues, skin issues, who wants to shed some bloat and clear out inflammation. I have turned this into a course because it helped me heal from so many things – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It works, and I want to share that with whoever I can.💖

The beauty is… once you invest and enroll in the course… you choose when you want to start, and you go at your own pace. I’ll be there to check in on you once you do start, and you’ll have the opportunity to discuss topics with other students too.

I could ramble on about this… since I am sooooo excited, (but!) I am hosting a ✨freeMasterClass, Sunday, March 8 at 8 PM EST, where I will be sharing more info about the course. You’ll be able to take away a valuable nugget and glimpse of what to expect if you enroll in my course.📝 I’m hosting it one day before the Full Supermoon, on purpose of course 🥰, because I want to gift you with valuable info that you can use, if you choose, for the Full Moon, its energy, and as the moon wanes. My full course launches Wednesday, March 11🚀 I chose this day because it’s my birthday and I will be turning 33. It is a massive rite of passage for me👸 I have looked forward to this birthday since I was a child, and I have undergone initiations to reach where I am today. I am so grateful.🙏 I AM stepping into my role fully, as a Priestess, a Teacher, a Healer, a Guide.

Come join me Sunday. If you can’t make it, that’s cool. I encourage you to still register because if you do I’ll send you the link to the video. (If you have landed here after March, no worries because you can still register!)

Register 👉🏽 Here

If you have any questions, make sure to contact me. 💙

I can’t wait to sit in sacred space with you and share all this magic.💫



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One thought on “Come Learn Why Detoxification is Important | A Free MasterClass & 21-Day Journey

  1. Monique Browning says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this important information about detoxing and I look forward doing the 21 day journey with you. Again, thank you so much trina!🌞❤😇🥰


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