Join My *FREE* MasterClass on Gaining Clarity & Balance in All Aspects of Health

By Trina Otero

Aloha beautiful soul, this is exciting to announce! I’m facilitating my very first and *free* MasterClass. 👩‍💻 This is sooooo COOL! 😍 Can you tell I’m excited? This is just in time since the Full Supermoon is March 9.

You can register for it ✨HERE

The Cleansing the Body, Mind, and Spirit MasterClass will be held:

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Keep in mind that countries (and US states) that observe Daylight Saving Time will be changing their clocks forward one hour between 12AM – 3AM Sunday, March 8. Mobile devices usually do this automatically, but just in case check them before the class. And make sure to plug into your calendar the MasterClass deets! 📲

In this MasterClass I will share my personal journey and how I healed myself by cleansing out my body. I will also share how cleansing out your body helps you cleanse and cultivate more balance within your mind and spirit. I can’t wait to dive into this with you. 🤩 If you are just now awakening spiritually, this would help you build a sound foundation to begin spiritual cultivation and balance.🧘🏽 This is also great for you if you have already surrendered to your spiritual path and are seeking some inspiration, clarity, spiritual guidance, a way to clear stagnation, and/or regain balance.🌄 This MasterClass is a great reminder for all of us, no matter how “far along” we are in our journey.

(Heads up: please disregard these yucky ads from WordPress. I’m working on making Akosmopolite ad-free! If you’d like to help by sending a Love Donation I’d be overjoyed and grateful💞)

If you are a Starseed, Empath, Highly Sensitive Person, Elemental or Otherworldly Being, Someone who battles anxiety and depression, or a Trauma Survivor, I highly encourage you to register.💙

So don’t forget to register for the MasterClass ✨HERE

I’ll send out an email the day of to invite you to the MasterClass. So please make sure my emails are not going to your Spam folder📥 Thank you for trusting me to hold space for you and share this with you.🙏🏽

See you soon.

P.S. If you have any questions, reach out via social media or email me 📧

Tune into my podcast She of the Throne!🎧 Out now on all platforms including: Spotify and Apple. Click image↙️

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