mary magdalene christ consciousness twin flames starseed venus venusian

The Sacred Mirror

mary magdalene christ consciousness twin flames starseed venus venusian

By Trina Otero

The more I brave His presence
His company
The more I see of myself
In Him
I look into His eyes
And see all our memories
My pain, my past, my fears, my bliss
I was never naked and seen until He came
And demanded my attention
With his blunt assertion
His fire
His big blue eyes
Igniting a spark within me
I’ve never felt before
Activating fragments of memories
Timelines, Lives
A sharp clarity that illuminates
A sense of Home which has never been felt
In this place before
A sense of family
A sense of belonging
My heart is not protected from His reach
I am forced to look at each broken piece
Every cranny and crooked crack
Every dark corner
I am exposed
Ego never played or looked so well
Until Him
To mirror my every wound
To poke me until I burst
Into anger
Into tears
Into His very arms
Into His heart
Into our harmony
Into our song
Flooded with knowing
Of our eternal love

© Trina Otero

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