christania hunt indicavibez

A Starchild and Her Mother

By Trina Otero

christania hunt indicavibez

Every time I sit with Santa Maria

She reminds me of how big my heart is

And how heavy it gets

As I carry and hold

So much

For so many.

Strong and resilient

But in Her presence I surrender

And weep.

I crack

I cave

I fall into Her

And into my depths

The chambers and hallways of my heart.

I grieve

I release

I greet every thing with consciousness and love.

I cry over

I cry into

I cry for

Until it’s been cleansed

With my celestial waters.

I’ve been learning how to be Human

This place has a way of wearing

On me

I feel heavier.

With the Great Mother

I feel Light again

Reminded of my Likeness.

She whispers Truths to my heart

“Open, my child, remain open”

“Love, my child, Love”

“Let go.”

© Trina Otero

Feature image is digital art by the talented Christania Hunt at @indicavibez

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