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OMTW Entry 4: Happy New Moon

By Trina Otero
Written May 4, 2019

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Happy New Moon ✨🌑✨ I decided today to be intentionally focused on #gratitude. I'd like my gratitude to be the seed that I'll water and care for during this new phase, and I'm excited to see what blossoms forth 🌱 Living in a van, especially the way our situation went down, can easily become an environment where I focus on what lacks, what "seems" to be missing… But I choose to look at all the magical twists & turns, especially challenges, and #begrateful. I saw someone sleeping on concrete the other night… That could be me. I'm grateful to have this #chevyastro 😊🚐 and I continue to bend in #surrender as graciously as I can. #HappyNewMoon ✌️You can follow our journey too.. links in my profile 💕 • • (this is a foto of the area I sleep under. I jot what I'm grateful for… I have my #abundance #mantra, #Hawaii magnet, #MotherMary card that miraculously appeared to me, and my wolf #dreamcatcher) #ourmagicaltrekwest #omtw #akosmopolite #ommanipadmeom

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Peace and …coconut oil grease? ✌️

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