Video: 7777777

By Trina Otero

If the gazillion 7 angel number didn’t catch your attention, I hope this badass photo of the unicorn and rambo cat does. 😁 This video is about crazy blessings, things coming back to you when you least expect it [in a good way]. About Good Karma. Sowing what you reap. Abundance. Angels. Omens. Standing up for what is right. And a lil more about me that you probably didn’t know. Hope it resonates… 💓✌

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#starseed #goodkarma #spiritualbadass #ourmagicaltrekwest #omtw #activism #spiritualactivist #twinflame #abundance #blessings #angeltherapy #soulintegration #archangelmetatron #ishtar #420 #blueray #vanlife #homeless

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