OMTW Entry 3: Letting Go of Letting Go

By Trina Otero
Written March 03, 2019

Friday I thought of the buggy and wondered why no one has inquired or bought it. I know it has sentimental value, because of Frankie, but I spent time grieving, contemplating, praying and came to conclusion that I’d love to see his energy of love transfer, transfer into our New Beginning. I’d love to transfer the magic and intentions of 11/11, the day we bought the car two years ago. I want to carry on with that energy and not let it sit and stagnate. When I brought it up to Ty he said if it was up to him he’d try everything in his power to keep it. I was surprised so I asked him why he felt this way and he told me it has sentimental value to him too. His eyes teared up. I became silent.

That night I wondered about it… Because yes of course, if I had a way to pay to fix it I would. If I had a credit card I’d do it. If I had a way to tow and store it for now I would. In a heartbeat. So.. I looked into a bathroom mirror and I said to the Universe, “Universe, if you can provide a way for us to safely tow and store the buggy, I accept. I’d love to keep it if I can. But I’ve also made my peace. It’s weird because I finally got to a point where I’m ok with letting the buggy go but no one has made an offer. So if I’m supposed to keep it, then ok, I accept.” Then I also spoke to Frankie’s spirit, and asked him what I should do. I told him, once again, how much his gift, his thought of me meant, how much I valued it, how much I valued our friendship, and that I’d love to see that energy continue, but of course I’d also love to keep it and fix it somehow. I asked what would make him happy. I also remembered his birthday was this week it’s been on my mind for days. After this I just let go. I surrendered to whatever outcome is meant to be. I also prayed for a way to be made for us financially, to sustain us, since my hours were drastically cut and Ty is unable to work right now. I continue to trust and have faith. We’ve already seen incredible happenings because we have chosen to trust, to have faith, to believe.

trust universe let go letting go have faith

I woke up the next day and I received a text from a man who is interested in seeing the buggy. Not kidding. He sounds serious, wants to see it, make a deal, pay cash, get the title and come tow it. When I spoke with Ty he was hesitant, I can tell he is still attached. And that’s ok. We talked about it and I explained to him how I’d love to see the energy transfer and aid us on our new journey. He understood. But I also understood when he opened up about his attachment to the car. In the end I told him we don’t have to sell it, that we can wait if he doesn’t feel ready. He thought about it and said that the Universe continues to provide for us right as we’re near running out of money so he sees how the Universe orchestrated it. That he’s ok with letting it go.

Later that day when we spoke about it, I told him how wild it is that the man text me AFTER I told the Universe that I’m open to keeping the car. His response: “So, you had to let go of letting go. That’s deep.


The gentleman will be meeting with us in a few hours and thanks to him, the Universe, and Frankie, we’ll have money to drive South to Georgia and escape the cold (it’s snowing today).**

magic happens believe unicorn

By xenizondich

Later on in day…..
As if there wasn’t enough magic, more flows in 🍃💫🍃 The couple bought our buggy, and after we shared our plans of going West to help WBR, they held hands with us and prayed for us.

And an amazing side note of numerology: We bought our buggy on 11/11 and let it go on 3/3/3 (03/03/2+0+1+9=3). 💞🙏

Would you like to know how my best friend and cousin Frankie, who is disincarnated, helped us get the buggy on 11/11? I’d love to tell you that story too… drop me a comment if you do. 😁

**Disclaimer: We didn’t end up leaving to GA. We had things come up, and Mercury Retrograde kicked us hard. Can find out more deets here.

Peace & Love,

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