OMTW Entry 2: Small Improvements

By Trina Otero
Written Feb. 26, 2019

Everyday we get a little bit better with the van. As in how to organize, maximize space, and make it more accommodating.


Van in travel mode.

Last night I think we did a pretty damn good job. This was the first night I was warm throughout the night and super cozy. The key is to layer our sleeping mat AND clothes lol. I was as snug as a bug in a rug. 🐞 I’m awake this morning as the rest sleep. It’s comforting to hear them snore… And yes I’m talking about Wolfgang (the loudest) and Ty.


Wolf snuggled under my arm. 🐶

Plus I can hear a blue jay singing outside the van.🐦 Baby Xena has been curled up under my covers by my legs most of the night. She began sleeping with us more often just a month ago when Nava ran away for a week, she was lonely and loves affection. Now, when she has the chance, she sleeps right on top of us or next to us. Sleeping under layers of blankets is new to me but there she is stretched out by my feet. And noowwww.. she’s moved to my thighs lol. 🐱


We have gotten irritated and have been stressed at times in the past few days since we’re learning to do this. Which is cool. I watched tons of videos on living in a van prior to this, and other off-grid lifestyles, and it did help. But as I always say in my YouTube videos and everywhere else – “experience is the best teacher.” So, there will be a learning curve and that’s alright. It’s perfect. The furbabies are adjusting too. They were so fucking irritable past few days. They didn’t understand why they were in kennels, why we’re driving alot, and I’m sure they constantly wonder, “where the hell are we?!?” too. Well, for those wondering – we’re camping around Louisville right now as we finish tying up everything and prepping for our big move West. We anticipate beginning our trek on or after March 8, since I’ll get paid that day. (That paycheck will help tons!)

Donations would help in such a big way. You can donate by PayPal, Google Pay [send to otero tm at], or CashApp.

See ya next time✌,


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