Full Review: Anderson Estates

We lived here for 7 months, we just moved out due to the irresponsibility of the staff – Regina (manager) & Tanya (newly hired leasing agent). They’re the only 2 that run the office. Tanya is not trained in certain things like handling late rent, she didn’t even know the number for corporate or how to find it. (Very odd, perhaps was a lie.) It’s because of this inconsistency in professionalism that caused us to be late on rent in December and had a domino effect on our finances and eventually resulting in us having to move out. Regina was never in the office when I called over the course of a week to discuss rent before Christmas Eve and after Christmas, and eventually Tanya stopped answering the phone and when my partner went into the office to speak with Regina personally she wasn’t there… No surprise.. and Tanya admitted she noticed we had been calling and she didn’t want to answer bc she didn’t know what to do. 😑 I left voicemails and apparently one of their numbers doesn’t really work,idk it’s an automated male bot voice not Regina’s. After the holidays, I went into the office and I told Regina that Tanya avoided our calls, said this in front of Tanya and she lied and said she never said that. I made sure to report all this to corporate. Regina doesn’t seem to be in the office on Fridays and I asked Tanya about it bc I noticed the pattern and she said she doesn’t usually come in on Fridays and she isn’t there on weekends. Just FYI. Yet at court in front of judge Regina said she is in the office til 430 on Fridays. 🤔 I pay attention to details and I’ve noticed little inconsistencies in their business practice. Which I reported to corporate. When we first moved in everything did seem ok, and she did work with us when we had a death in the family in September and car accident in October. But in December that is when we began noticing the lack of consistency and issues with communication with Regina. I’m going to list pros and cons of apartment and complex as well.
1. W/S/T is paid for
2. Rent is affordable
3. Location is good, 5-10 min from downtown Radcliff, all the stores, Post Office, etc. Ali Baba (gas station) is literally right beside complex down 1646.
4. The view is very pretty if you can get an apt that faces the woods, we were blessed to have one, a corner unit too so we didn’t have neighbors next to us we had extra bedroom window.
5. Master bedroom and second room have great closet space.

1. The walls are cheap and thin. Someone else has reported that as well and a carpenter rebuttled. I assure you the walls are hella thin. We could hear our neighbors upstairs coughing 😑 if I was in bedroom in silence I’d hear her cough or sneeze. We could smell neighbors food/cannabis/other lit things like cigarettes and incense, perhaps thru vents. The front wall in living room connected to front door (right when you enter apt) is so thin, it shakes when neighbors on any floor leave their apt and let their door slam. We could also hear everyone in the hallway. We never felt privacy bc of the thin walls.
2. Front door is ugly as hell, metal door painted with weird poop brown color. I thought maybe this complex was built as army barracks beforehand but not sure. It’s heavy, loud, ugly. Dont worry I’m gonna attach fotos for you to see.
3. Floor plan is odd. As in the living room/dining room and kitchen. You have to be creative in arranging furniture or use the layout in their model apt. Which is boring for me. And bc of the thin wall in living room that shakes we didn’t want our couch/sitting furniture on that wall (which in model theirs is). Kitchen bar is low and cabinets in the way so it’s awkward. I used as counter not as bar bc of that. The front door is located in odd space so when you walk in you are immediately in dining space. We eventually gave up on it being dining space and made our whole front area a lounge area where table was in living room and had books in there. The view from sliding door is beautiful so that was nice.
4. To continue about layout, kitchen is odd. Skinny and long and no place to put trash can. Unless you have a tiny one and keep under sink which didn’t work for us. Food and eating well is important to us. We kept ours against wall in kitchen. Yes it got in way and in way of fridge but was only place where we had access to while cleaning and cooking.
5. The ventilation and temp regulation is HORRIBLE. Especially if you have an end unit… Idk maybe it’s different if you have unit in between other units but for us and our neighbors the master bedroom is HUMID, STAGNANT AIR, DOESN’T COOL OFF IN SUMMER, GETS VERY STUFFY IN WINTER AND END WALL THAT FACES OUTSIDE STAYS VERY COLD. Not insulated well. Air stays very very dry in any season throughout apartment so if you have allergies, asthma, etc look into humidifier. It caused me alot of health issues. You’ll also need a fan in master bedroom.
6. Youre not allowed to have floor mat outside your front door. People do it, we did it for holidays but then noticed a clause in lease so put it away.
7. Their washers and dryers in building (bldg 300) are old and don’t work well. They replaced a dryer downstairs and works well. The washer broke downstairs months ago and was not fixed. Upstairs the dryer sucks. Washer is ok. It is also very inconvenient that they don’t provide a coin machine in buildings or office so you have to get laundry quarters at a store or Ali Baba (they’re nice). It costs $3 to wash and dry. $1.75 to wash, $1.25 to dry. They recently changed it to $3.
8. They didn’t tack down our carpet, so my vacuum sucked up the corners and carpet string it was annoying.
9. Wed constantly see cars parking in empty lot outside our window, smoking and drinking playing loud music. We’d constantly find used condoms by storage units.
10. Someone entered our apartment twice in January around 4am when my partner walked out to smoke outside. I was in master bedroom and heard door open and assumed it was Ty but after 10 seconds ehen he didn’t say anything I called out to him and walked towards hallway and no one was there. It scared me. It happened the next night. After that we kept protection and waited to see if it’d occur again. It didn’t. We reported to corporate.
11. No community feel. Everyone stays to self and seems a bit antisocial.

I feel this complex is best for singles and college students. Idk how it’s made for families, the walls are so thin. The park is not great. There is alot of grass near the woods that encircle the complex which would be great to play in but I never saw kids out. People keep to themselves so it depends on your preference if this is pro or con. We prefer more community and friendliness which we did not find here. We had so many circumstances occur which were out of our control and we did what we could.. and expected Management to do their best and they didn’t. Had they done their job correctly we would not have had to vacate. But I’m glad we left in the end because our experiences in Radcliff have not been pleasant. It’s not progressive. Meade and Hardin county are slow, backwards, health care providers are horrible. Laws are weird. Radcliff and Etown are ethnically diverse bc of Fort Knox but other than that it isn’t our cup of tea. Lack of spiritual community as well. Fotos attached.

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