We’re headed West!🏞️🚐

By Trina Otero

Hello there world! πŸ‘‹ I’m awake at 4:07 a.m. exhausted yet so excited that I can’t sleep. I have an important and urgent message to share 😊 Today, which is awesomely 2/22, Ty and I, and our furbabe tribe, begin our magical trek Westward. It’ll take some time, and support!

Furbabes 1

We have been offered an amazing opportunity to serve/volunteer right as our current situation is crumbling to pieces. It’s all so wild (and kinda scary) but beautifully orchestrated to move us to where we are meant to be πŸ’™ It’s truly a magical story of unfortunate events ending and a divinely timed and aligned New Beginning. 🌈 We’ve been offered a chance to help tend to rescued wild burros and other equine in California in exchange for an off-grid home! We’re very excited to start our new chapter, and the sanctuary (Wild Burro Rescue) really needs our help as well. They need us there as soon as possible! Their last live-in couple left them suddenly and now they are doing the best they can with help from devoted volunteers near the sanctuary. You can learn more about this awesome non-profit at the very end, I’ve included a small introduction.


So, we need help… Some of you know me personally, or keep updated through my YouTube, so you already understand the intense, insane twist of events that have occurred in the past three years but especially last year. If you’re not aware what we experienced, I would love for you to peek at our new series, because we will be exposing the parasitic structure and energy in our current system.

So here’s where you guys come in… πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

Our Goal:
We began a Facebook Fundraiser late Tuesday night not really confident that it would be effective since I’ve been ghost from the digital world for awhile. Buuuut we were very surprised and teary-eyed 😒 when we realized people were donating and sharing. πŸ’™ Because of support that trickled in that night we were able to procure a cargo van Wednesday morning, which was just in time because we have to vacate our apartment today (2/22)! Talk about miracles! πŸ’«

We are still reaching out for help to cover travel expenses. The sooner we are able to afford our travel West, the best for all involved. We’d love to be there by the second week of March to alleviate the work-load from the local volunteers. All donations will go towards travel expenses. If we receive more than what is needed for travel we will donate the rest to the sanctuary! They’re in a tight pinch too trying to keep the animals fed and warm. (I had no idea how important hay is until now!) I know the FB fundraiser end date is set to March 9, but we have to be out of our apartment by this Friday (2/22) so it would be *beyond* amazing and miraculous if we can make this happen. πŸ€— We haven’t had luck in finding a place to stay until we can afford to drive Cali, which is one huge reason we chose to buy a cargo van. So we can camp out of it! #vanlife Our magical trek West officially begins Friday, 2/22, and your donations will be a huge part in this. πŸ™Œ (We’re loving the triple 2s by the way).

Any amount will help in a huge way. Your love donations mean alot. We’re so grateful for your support and for believing in us, in this opportunity to serve others, and in community πŸ™ Plus, if you love burros, donkeys, mules, horses, and cows this is a great opportunity to help them 😊 I’ll definitely be sending big THANK YOUs to all our supporters in some form through my YouTube channel or here once we get settled in Cali with the sanctuary.

Arohanui (Grand Love) πŸ’™ We believe. We hope you do too. πŸ’«

If you’d like to donate, we ask that you donate through PayPal because it would be fee-free if you choose the “send to friend” option AND we’d have immediate access to the funds πŸ’™ (FB donations take 5+ days and charge a processing fee)

🐞PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/trinaotero
Or oterotm@gmail.com (when signed into your account)

Other fast ways to donate:
🐞Cash App: cash.me/$akosmopolite
🐞If you use Simple or Chime Banks you’d also be able to send donations that way. Just let me know πŸ™

If you don’t have PayPal, and don’t want to create an account, you can donate in the FB Fundraiser page here.

41746978_277668623065621_2717680383775735808_oAbout Wild Burro Rescue:
In 1990, Diana Chontos quit her job and took her six burro rescues on a 500 mile wilderness trek to educate the public about the issues that threatened their existence. Towards the end of that trek they learned that 14 wild burros on US Fish and Wildlife Service land were designated for removal and slaughter. And thus began, Wild Burro Rescue and Preservation Project. From 1987 through 1994 the National Park Service at Death Valley admitted to shooting over 400 Death Valley wild burros using a removal policy called “direct reduction.” Thousands were routinely shot by NPS rangers, contract hunters or placed into congested adoption facilities where many died in the process. Who knew living was a crime? Diana negotiated with NPS to suspend burro shootings annually, so long as, Wild Burro Rescue successfully conducted live-capture rescues, on her dime. Diana has helped rescue, preserve and re-home thousands of wild burros from roundup, slaughter or neglect. Located 30 minutes off the grid outside of Lone Pine, CA, the sanctuary is now home to 200 burros, horses, mules, dogs and one cow. We have no employees and we would not be here today if it were not for our dedicated volunteers and donors.

WBR FB page: http://www.facebook.com/WBRorg

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