Complete Google Review for Finneys Complete Auto Repair

Good early morning, readers. This is a post that strays from my norm, but I had a pretty stressful and shocking experience yesterday with a mechanic I trusted. I want to leave a thorough review on Google, but the character limit is 4,000 so the shortened review is there with link to come here for the full, detailed review. Use your own discernment to make a decision about this business.  Thank you,  be blessed. Namaste. Google review 👉

This review will be thorough and honest, and despite my very last interaction with this business owner I will still list the pros (below in detailed review). I believe in honesty, and as you can see I have earned a level 6 local guide badge with Google, and my account is connected to my Google+, my website, and my YouTube Channel where I teach. That attests for my creditworthiness. Short story: Bilal and co *appeared* to be a friendly, trustworthy business who cared about us and our car in the beginning, but when we noticed unprofessional actions such as leaving our car dismantled, driver window and door open for 6+ months, AND battery missing we addressed Bilal about it. He became angry, yelled and cussed AT us, threatened us “you dont want to see me angry you will regret it. Im not afraid of you. Get out, get the fuck out.” He refused to give us our car battery and kicked us out. I’m APPALLED that I trusted them with our car, their place of business, and our car was poorly taken care of, and that we were treated the way we were when we have every right to be upset about the condition of our car. We’ve spoken with Radcliff Police Dept. We’re going to have a mechanic look over our car thoroughly to see if other parts are missing, we may file a suit against them, and I’m writing reviews across all platforms and reporting him to Better Business Bureau. It is truly sad and disappointing that we’ll have to go this route, I don’t like conflict, but I do believe in living an authentic, responsible, honest life/path and standing up for what is right. More details below 👇

Longer, more detailed story: We found this business in the beginning of this year (2018) when we needed help with our 2003 VW Beetle. We needed confirmation that cylinder 4 was misfiring. He confirmed this and gave us a quote, which we planned to have him work on it once we had saved the money for the investment. I asked him if the misfire would cause further damage or was dangerous and He assured us we were fine. He ended up replacing our transmission sensor first, which seemed to eliminate some of the issues we were experiencing, including the misfire for a short while. His prices are fair. No complaints thus far. From our brief interactions with him and his secretary they *seemed* friendly and honest, so ya know, why doubt? They have alot of business, ALOT of cars always in their lot (is that a good or bad thing?). They have good reviews on Facebook and Google so we continued to trust the business. But we quickly noticed they never answer phone calls, so in order to get quotes or speak to someone you have to stop by. You will notice this as well, try calling. Their answering machine message even states that they want you to not call so much. And visit, you’ll see notices on their front door, I think on a wall, and at the counter. Now around April/May we experienced transmission issues and our beetle broke down on Gene Snyder as my partner was on his way to work. We had been having a very hard financial time and couldn’t afford to tow it, and when I spoke with his secretary Micha, she said Bilal would cover it and add it to the total bill after looking at/working on the car once in the shop. We were grateful for that. Our car got towed to their shop. We waited to hear from them and also called different times for a few days to find out what the car problem was. It was upsetting that we didn’t get a call sooner, since it was our only mode of transportation and we lived out on 6 acres in Vine Grove at the time with no family or friends around. But we practiced patience plus were grateful that he paid for the tow. We finally heard back that our transmission went out, which was very upsetting and he told us itd be $3500+ for a transmission, and his professional opinion was that we should sell the car/get rid of it, that it wasn’t worth it…. I explained to him that the car has sentimental value and I won’t get rid of it. We told them it was our only car and we were in middle of financial hardship so would have to figure something out, decide what to do. Shortly after that we lost our home and were forced to temporarily move to Indiana. With all the stress and fast pace of having to leave Vine Grove we couldn’t visit Finneys before leaving. We tried calling the shop but of course they don’t answer. Now it’s summer, and we were in Indiana for about 1-2 months, and sometime in late July while at a doc appointment in Etown, I decided I wanted to check on the car, so I give them a call. I don’t remember if they answered or called me back, either way, Micha told me “we don’t have your car anymore” which scared me! I asked frantically what she meant and she said that it wasn’t on their lot and that she’d have Bilal contact me. So the way she informed me stressed me out, made me worried. I became upset because I have never heard of a mechanic moving someone’s car or “not having it any more”, to be honest I freaked out. I don’t get attached to things but my beetle means alot to me because I bought it with the money my cousin (who was my best friend) left to me in his life insurance policy. He passed last June (2017). So my Buggy is not just a car, it’s a momento of him. When Bilal called me back, he told me he had to move it bc he didn’t have space on his lot, and that he had contacted us. We never received any calls or texts all summer from them and our number had not changed. But, like I said earlier, why doubt someone who seems honest? I like to believe the best in people. So although I was upset I told him “I’m sure you contacted us but I assure you we didn’t receive ANY calls or messages and we would have contacted you had we known.” I told him in short about our situation that We lost our home and had moved to Indiana. Told him I was worried about my car and then I told him what I’ve just shared with you – that my cousin passed away and left me money and I bought the buggy with that money. He apologized and told me it’s at his brother’s and he still suggested that we might look into selling it. I refused and told him I’d be in contact later, bc I was overwhelmed and had just left an important doc appointment for my partner and I had to take him to another appointment. I even remember asking him about his health, bc I remember he told me he had some serious health issues going on , and I’m a Pranic Healer and had told him about it if he’d be open to try alternative healing. One month later We moved into a new place in Radcliff in August and I returned to Finneys to speak in person about my buggy, to get more details, and let them know we’re back. I wanted him to see that I’m serious about my car, that I still want to either have him work on it or I’d have it towed to a different place. He told us if we really wanted to then yes he’d replace the transmission, and he repeated that he didn’t have space so he had to move it. We told him it was fine, we thanked him and told him that we’d be settling everything soon as we could get settled in our place. I have no idea why I didn’t ask to go see my car sooner but I should have, but we had so much on our plate at the time. In October I called them to tell them we’d like to have it towed to our residence, and they never picked up. I eventually left a message letting them know and also said that I’d like to visit my car, check on it and get some belongings out of it. We were very busy working alot to get more stable so with 1 car it was hard to find time in between to go see them. They never returned my call. In November I decided to look up other mechanics and financially plan out paying off what’s owed and having it towed to us. I stopped by Finneys (bc they weren’t answering my calls and at this point leaving messages had become pointless). It’s now beginning of December. I believe I stopped in 2 weeks ago on a Friday and asked Bilal for a receipt or invoice of what we owe him, whatever the cost is of the tows. He told me to come back on Monday after my workshift, I thanked him and returned the following Monday around 6ish. I remind him that he told me to come in and He puts his hands up and says “but look, you come so late we’re closing soon.” I’m confused as He told me on Friday to come in after my work shift ended. I told him I am only there to get an invoice I didn’t want to get the car or anything else. He walked behind the counter and then asked me why I wanted a receipt which made me feel weird. I replied, “For my records and so that I know how much we owe you.. We would like to pay that so we can get the bug back.” He sat down, stared at an invoice pad which further confused me because I could tell He was trying to either remember the costs of the tows or He was trying to come up with a number. Im not sure but these are my thoughts. At this point I’m beginning to feel even more uncomfortable because that friendly feeling I thought that we had in the beginning was not there. The air was kinda tense. I peered over the counter and I said, “Well you keep records right? I’m sure you have the receipt or some record of the tow here and the tow to your brother’s?” He then says, “Yes” and reached for a pad/book thing and flipped thru it, spoke to Micha… I walked away to give them space but by this time I’m wondering why it’s become so awkward… and why He doesn’t know where to look for the past tow info. I finally see him writing something down on an invoice and he instructs her to have me sign. I read it first which he wrote, “Towing 2003 yellow VW Beetle 3 times It was not paid when they towed it. 150 dollars is still not paid We are waiting on the payment to release the car.” Dated 12/10/18 Invoice #955721 I look at it and inquire about the third tow, we only know of the tow from Gene Snyder to his shop and the tow from his shop to his brother’s place. Bilal told me that they moved the car to different spot in his parking lot but that the wheels locked up so they had to lift it up? (We’re now unsure if it’s true.*) I said ok. It seems legit so I sign it. I return their copy back and keep mine. At this point he’s gone so I thank Micha and tell her I’ll be in touch soon to settle everything, and as I’m walking to my car I wave goodbye to Bilal who is helping a customer with a car issue. My partner and I call them this week for the address of his brother’s so we can get tow quotes…I leave a message on their voicemail. SHE ACTUALLY RETURNS OUR CALL! So idk at this point I wonder if they ignore whoever they feel like ignoring etc. Once I have the address and Google it I learn that his brother’s property is not residential, as I thought for some reason, but another car shop just down the road on Dixie! 1451 N Dixie Blvd A.A.Atiyani Complete Auto Repair. We find a guy to tow (he tows often for Finneys) and planned it for Wednesday which was just 2 days ago. We go to Finneys first to pay what we owe and to get our car key… and Micha tells us Bilal isn’t there and she doesn’t call him in front of us, she stepped into the garage. She said she was going to ask him how to get our car released. It all seemed weird. She returned and said that one of his brothers would meet us there and that she did not have our key. We pay the bill, I have the invoice, #955749. We drove down The road to 1451 N Dixie, tow guy is there but not The brother who owns the shop. I can see our buggy now, she is parked in a small enclosed fenced space with other cars, all tightly parked around one another. A guy showed up, I greeted him and asked if he is the owner and he was not friendly and he said no he is not. I found out this is the other brother and he runs the 3rd shop down Dixie called Bavaria Auto Repair or something. Another guy or 2 guys show up – the men and our tow guy get to talking on how to get the bug out because she is squeezed in tight next to 2 cars with one in front of her. When I was able to walk to my car and look at her I was livid. LIVID. CONFUSED. The driver door was not closed, it was slightly open, the window was halfway down… which means for 6+ months the interior has been rained on, snowed on etc, debris inside and it showed…my driver seat looks crappy. The siding of driver door is off and in back seat, but my partner calms me down saying they probably did that to try to close the window. Ok. Fine. But we both know that you can easily push the window up manually with your hands and I’m sure they knew that too. They just didn’t care. Plain and simple. Different pieces of car are inside, as in they didn’t bother to put things back into proper place after taking things off to look at the car. She has some ding marks on exterior she didn’t have before and I took pictures while she was still on their property before being hauled onto tow truck. It was too tight of space to look under hood or trunk, plus car wouldnt start, our key fob nor buttons inside car worked, understandable, since it’s been some time. We towed it to our new mechanic, and before the tow guy left he came to me and warned me to look over my car thoroughly and have mechanic do it too because it could be possible that these guys took parts from my car. I was shocked but thankful for the advice so I thanked him and paid him. Wally took quick glance as did we, and we noticed our battery is GONE. Wally was surprised and he told me that is illegal. Even though it had sat at their business for awhile it is still illegal to take or use parts of the car. We went down to Finneys and I waited to speak to Bilal. I kept it simple, short and polite although I was LIVID. I told him in exact words, “I’m highly upset and concerned as to why my car battery is gone.” He looked at me and I could tell he was caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond, then he repeated what I said, and I said “yes, it’s gone”, asked him why it was gone and he said he didn’t know, said he’d look around the shop for it or give us another. I asked for it now and he said to return tomorrow (which was yesterday, Thursday the 20th) after 2pm. I assured him we’d return, thanked him, and said bye. We returned Thursday around 3pm, he was behind the counter with Micha, and he told us he’d have to charge it. He said it was dead, so I assumed it was our original one and asked, he said he thinks so and said since it sat so long it needed to be charged, which I said I understand but I didn’t understand why they did not *put it back* in the car or why it was taken out in first place. He said When they looked at transmission they took it out so they could see. Understandable. I asked why he didn’t put it back after looking, and his reply was, “I told you. We had taken it out we had finished looking at it, I mean it’s a $3500 part or more…” and I interrupted him and asked again – “I understand what you’re saying but I’m asking you why you did not put the part back in after looking at my car?” He began to get defensive and said why? I told him this was illegal. Then he said “it is your fault. You left it here.” This was rude, confusing and still didn’t address my question about their unprofessionalism. This upset us, especially my partner who didn’t like the way Bilal was speaking to me, so my partner said, “How the fuck is it our fault?” Bilal didn’t like my partner’s tone or the f bomb and told us we will not use that language, which I want to state that no one else was in his shop but us and his secretary. My partner did not say “fuck you” or anything like that, he said how the fuck is it our fault. This is tit for tat, honestly, everyone has their own way of expressing. What I do know is we were very disappointed and upset at how our car was left with parts off, in disarray, and so far a battery missing, not to mention window open and car door open for God knows how long! Obviously this is a stressful situation and to see this business owner not taking responsibility (for himself, his brothers or employees) is highly upsetting. And to try placing blame on the customer is plain unjust, childish, immoral. I told him He is a business owner, this is his business, his property, and we as customers came to him, trusted him with something that is important to us, and he did not put the car back in the condition it was in when it was brought to him. He then raised his voice and he said he could have placed a lien on the car or could have charged us for storage but didn’t and I calmly said that I know and we’re grateful. But as you can see… He had never brought this up before, never told us he’d have to charge etc nor did he mention this when I came in for the invoice to see how much we owe….. he brought it up NOW when he’s angry and confronted about the lack of professionalism and lack of care taken. He kept yelling and he and my partner were arguing, they’re men, testosterone. Whatever, I get it. I said I didn’t want to argue, that I’d like the battery and we’ll go. My partner agreed and said “can we please just get the battery so we can get the fuck out of here.” Again, Bilal takes offense, begins cussing AT us, says he is not afraid of my partner, that he better get the fuck out his store or else… began walking to the garage and said that we don’t want to see him angry, we’ll regret it, his body language showed he was ready to get physical with my partner. He said “you will get no battery from me, get the fuck out now” a bunch of other stuff…at this point I told my partner to let it go, let’s leave and I said to Micha and Bilal that I’m reporting them. We spoke to police to see if we’d be able to just go back and get our battery but they told us this is considered civil.. that if we want to pay for that route we can. Which at this point I don’t even care about the battery, it’s the fact that we paid what we owed, we have always been kind and respectful, and told him how important that car is to me, and even if it wasnt a momento of my cousin it’s still our property, and a car should never be poorly taken care of when in hands of a mechanic/business owner. Nor should that business owner deny responsibility, and deny us of what is rightfully ours. You can’t take parts from someone’s car and expect them to be calm nor avoid addressing this immoral behavior. We will have our buggy inspected and I’ll also take fotos, if anything else is missing, yes I most likely will be filing a suit.


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