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Feeling My Soul Family/Soul Group | Are You Feeling Yours?

By Trina Otero
Originally published Sept. 1, 2018 on YouTube

Right before and after the Full Moon in Pisces [in August] I felt my soul family/soul group, and felt a transmutation for us. During this incredible thunderstorm yesterday [peep at 3:33 – yea, just now realizing the timestamp, that’s cray!] I felt like speaking about soul family, soul groups, and the nostalgia of home. The desire for union, community, sibling love. How me and my twin’s union reverberated into many realms, and how I feel our union allowed our soul group to feel union in some way.

By the way, do you also feel the calling of your soul fam? Are you aware of the healing you and your soul group are doing? Do you have memories or knowledge of where you are “from”? Tell me below! #Starseeds #Starfamily #Soulgroup #Soulfamily

@4:51 is just for you Belen 😉

Thank you ♡

May the Light guide you.

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