Six Ways to Transmute Energy [Clear Your Space]

by Trina Otero

Hello beautiful souls! Wow, it’s been some time since I have set these fingers to a keyboard with the intention to blog! It feels good to be here. And I hope to become active again. I have been channeling alot of energy into my YouTube channel, and I realize it is not fair to share all this stuff solely with YouTube! I can’t forget about you all. ♡

I’m gonna share some recent stuff on my site for you all, but just to let you know as well, you can always click on the video tab above [or from the drop-down menu box] 👆 and it’ll lead you directly to my channel. You can even subscribe and click on the notification bell next to the subscribe button, and by doing that, you’ll receive notifications whenever I publish something new. It will also make it easier by adding my vids to your YT feed more often. So that’s thatttt…

I felt inspired to share some techniques on how to clear old, negative, stagnant energy. This is always a great thing to do, daily even, but especially during times when energy is shifting, when you’re going through a difficult time, or right in the thick of consciously working through and releasing [purging] old energy. So go ahead and tune in 😊 and don’t forget to hang around til the very end, because I have something I’d like to share with you! [FYI, all the instructions are below the video as well.]

Thank you ♡

May the Light guide you.

1. Take a moment to breathe. Take at least 3 deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’s even better if you keep the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

2. Place your hands over your heart chakra and state this affirmation: “I acknowledge ALL that is arising, and I transmute it with the LOVE that I AM. I see what is coming up for me; I see the pain that is coming up from the past; I see the memories coming up from the past; and I greet it with the LOVE that is within me. With the LOVE that I AM. I greet it with my LOVE and my LIGHT and transmute it.”

3. Call upon the Violet Flame & state that you are transmuting old energy with the Violet Flame. Envision the Violet Flame before you, bigger than you, and walk into it, and envision all the distortions and old energy being transmuted by the flame! [Much like the thumbnail of this video]

4. Go into nature to soak up Mama Earth vibrations – the 432hz vibrations that bring you centeredness, calmness and serenity, grounding and peace. This energy also clears your space.

5. Cuddle with and give love to your Furbaby if you have one. Especially dogs and cats, they have a very warm, loving, healing and transmuting vibration.

6. Take a bath with salt. Salt water detoxes the physical body and also clears negative, stagnant energy. Soak in the bath for at least 5 minutes, and as long as you’d like. Make sure to rinse off in the shower afterwards!

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