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Take Responsibility – Where Are You in the Experience of Duality?

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By Trina Otero
Written 4/22/18

As my physical body slept, I was in a place singing a beautiful song to Heavenly Father and Mother to heal Planet Earth and her residents. It was such a beautiful song. When I awoke I realized today is celebrated as Earth Day. 🌍 I know so many movements use this time to encourage care of Mama Earth, cleaning up places and being eco-friendly and that’s needed, so needed. We also should be taking care of ourselves and one another, healing the discordance and distortions that have been repeating for… Well.. let’s just say a very long time. It boils down to responsibility. Taking responsibility of ourselves and our words, thoughts, and actions.

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This planet, this realm, is very interesting – we witness duality. Highs and Lows. Light and Dark. Happiness and Pain. I see alot of people in pain, and it makes me sad I feel so much. Even I experience pain time to time. As silly as pain is it can teach us lessons, happiness too.

How do we act and react when in pain? Are we mindful towards others of how we treat them when we’re in pain? Are we honest about our pain or wear a mask? How do we act or respond to someone in pain? Are we in a state of awareness to realize someone is in pain? Do we offer kindness or pretend as if we see nothing occurring? Do we judge?

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On both sides of the experience, where are we… Where are our hearts and our compassion? My hope is for our race to reawaken our hearts and transform ourselves, therefore the realities experienced, and the planet we are living on. We are all here together now for a reason. These differences and disputes, even war, is some old-ass galactic shit that doesn’t need to be repeated.

Take care of yourself, and take care of those around you – even those you do not know.


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