letting go of the past let go of everything be free of karma light codes light language release ancestral debt clear karma remove entities clear old contracts clear old data

Light Language Sound Healing: Create Passage to Relinquish And Heal Old Energy, Ancestral Debt, Bonds, Contracts, Attachments, Entities, Disempowerment| Reclaim Sovereignty And Receive Light Codes for New Earth!

By Trina Otero

Hello, hello. I am sharing Light Language that came through “last year”, August 7, 2017, before the Lion’s Gate Portal. I say last year in quotation marks because there really is no limitation in time and space. I released this publicly a few weeks ago on YouTube and want to make sure that I share it in as many places as possible for those willing and ready to receive. You deserve to reclaim your sovereignty, your healing.

There is no barrier within time & space, healing is NOW for those open to receive. I Am grateful, thank you. ♡

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Thank you ♡

May the Light guide you.

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Creative Commons License

All works by Trina Otero is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

All must come forth, return to the Light
Purification, made whole again
Bring awareness, Light to see things within
Clear and create passage for darkness to pass to Light
Release debts, ancestral debts
Release karma/debts from past, loved ones debts/energy
Release energetic bonds
Release/clear old contracts
Listen to mother earth’s rhythm, harmony to bring you to truth when in fear, doubt, lonely, uncomfortable, angry, sad
Light brings forth joy, forgiveness, peace
Relinquish past, darkness to Light for healing
Relinquish low vibrational realities
Relinquish victim mentality
Accept victorhood, divinity, creators, protection, sovereignty
May the Light carry you home we thank you for your service
Family of the light
Great brotherhood and sisterhood
Veil has fallen, Truth is revealed
Stepping into knowing, into remembering
Stepping back into consciousness, remembering royalty
Work from compassionate hearts
Lightworkers agreed to come to earth to serve
Bring forth Light, healing, purification, balance, spiritual justice, Purity, forgiveness, a deeper understanding of heart and truth
All will be made whole again
Ego is a wall, a barrier within mind
Clarity within to recognize ego
Clear vision to see external forces/energies that try to attach to the play the ego desires to direct
Our birthright is to be from the heart, to see, speak, dwell, think and act from the heart
May you see the blazing white light within your mind’s eye


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