Great Mother Divine Mother Mother Earth Mother Nature Holy Mother Divine Feminine Goddess

Mantras to Celebrate and Awaken the Divine Feminine

By Trina Otero

Featured Image from: Paradise Found Santa Barbara

Hi Beautiful Souls ❤ This week I was called to create a playlist on YouTube of mantras specifically for the Divine Feminine. The Feminine Aspect of Creator. For the Goddess. For the Divine Mother. The Grand Nurturer. To celebrate Her and also awaken Her from within. I realized later that it will be a Full Moon in Aries Saturday, March 31 [timing depending on your location] aka alot of release and healing; also realized afterwards that this is a Holy weekend, celebrated in various ways by many different cultures. Some cultures celebrate this Holy-day a week before. It’s in timing with the Spring Equinox, for good reason. The Divine Feminine – with her gentleness, comfort, nurture, healing, and love – brings forth healing and rebirth… resurrection. It manifests in nature as Spring ❤ Planet Earth and humanity is feeling and experiencing a rebirth, a resurrection. Her healing waters have been pouring upon the Earth, gently purifying and bringing Earth to Life again. ❤ It is the same upon our hearts, our souls. Purifying, washing away the old and watering our hearts, where our seeds have been sown, intentionally planted, ready to bloom forth, to blossom! [Good video with this msg: “If Mother Earth Can Do It, So Can You“] I hope you enjoy these mantras as much as I do.

With Grand Love.

* I compiled this playlist with alot of help from this article on Spirit Voyage

Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work with my name and the original link ❤

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