full moon death and resurrection

Full Moon Reflections: Much Death and Resurrection As 2017 Ends

By Trina Otero

I decided to write in the shadows of the deep night, in the light of the Full Moon. I just had no idea I’d be writing during these sacred hours [it’s almost 4 a.m. here], but my laptop had other plans and updated for four hours. I could have put this off until the morning but I’ve felt the yearning to write, and heard the whispers. I wonder if anyone else can hear them…

It’s a Full Moon you know, and Mercury has gone Retrograde. And while there is definitely a lot of mental chatter and emotional debris blowing about in Astral, I hear one thing with much clarity – “Let Go.”

letting go of the past let go of everything be free of karma

And so I bring this to you, dear reader. I’m not sure if you know this, but it is the last Full Moon of the year 2017. A number 1 year, the foundation of the next 9 years I believe? [In Numerology, 2017 when broken down is 1.] Are you willing and able to reflect on all the inner work you have accomplished this year, this year that sets the stage for what is to come? And can you, or are you already aware of all the things that you should [and can] let go of, to free you from the past and far past… from the chains of destructive repetition… from ancestral/family karma… from distorted programming on this planet and in this plane? From all that stems from Fear?

There has been a theme for months now… I felt it creep in as I felt the weather begin to change. Death. I felt Death and saw the theme over and over and over… since about October. Yes, literally there has been Death in the physical plane, but there has been so much Death internally within us all. Death of old beliefs. Death of programmed responses and programmed feelings. Death of old habits. Death of situations and relationships that do not serve your highest good, your true nature. Death of aspects of yourself that you perceived as you, yet with deep inner work realized it was energetic burden from another. And just because October has come and gone, it doesn’t mean that Death is done. We are still in this wave of Death… Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10 and He will transit Scorpio until November 9, 2018. Jupiter helps us expand and Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the god of the underworld, of power and regeneration…. these Scorpion waters will take you deep into your darkest, repressed areas, into the subconscious psyche… but not just for the sake of diving deep into murky waters. This is occurring for expansion, exploration, higher learning. I’m sure those who are dedicated to their inner work noticed a lot of subconscious stuff surface and this will continue to occur as Jupiter does His thing for a whole year. This will aid us in becoming, in TRANSFORMING, into the best versions of ourselves.

scorpio energies of rebirth resurrection

Which brings me to the other theme in the wind – Resurrection. Fall and Winter typically are the seasons of cold, of wind. In Ayurveda we say Vata. Along with the wind chill I have felt the element of fire, my fire within me and that makes a lot of sense.* The only way anything can be transformed is through fire. This happens within our bodies, within nature… within everything. The fire is needed in order for any change, any transformation. And so do not fret with the thought of Death, the sensing of what is dying within you… because it is only occurring so that you can go through a beautiful process of transformation, of Resurrection. It has been a very interesting, challenging, insightful, and beautiful process for me thus far. I have come to innerstand things within myself, within my mind, and how certain events, especially traumatic events, shaped and created programmed responses for certain stimuli, and discovered small pockets of shadows in the deep corners of my mind. I spend time dusting these inner areas, creating space so that New can grow.

We are now in the first week of December, close to the holiday/holy day many call Christmas. For me, there is an even stronger emphasis of Death and Resurrection as the Sun will experience a “Death” on December 21, which is Winter Solstice, and be reborn/resurrected 3 days later on Christmas, December 25. This day marks the ancient celebration of the reborn Sun/Son which will reach it’s fullness on Summer Solstice.

death and rebirth of sun during winter solstice

I’m not sure how any of you celebrate this time, this holiday/holy day, but I kindly and lovingly ask you to perhaps consider reflecting on what has died/been dying within you and in your life, and what you are being guided towards… what is being birthed within you and around you. How are you resurrecting and what is resurrecting within you? How bright is the Sun, the Light within you that will be reborn, and how will you tend to, nurture, and cultivate your Light as it reaches it’s fullness next year?

With Grand Love,

*Ways in which I saw and felt my fire – feeling and admitting I was experiencing irritation and anger. Feeling more energy to do things, execute ideas and to-do lists [and with a fury I might add]. I was a bit snappy and/or feisty towards my partner. Experienced situations within my body and symptoms, such as heartburn [sign of pitta aka fire, usually when too high within the body]. If you’d like to know more about Ayurveda give me a holler. 🙂

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