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Current Healing Themes/Lessons During This Time of Great Spiritual Evolution & Expansion

By Trina Otero

It has been many moons since I have written, really written on here. For some time my energy and creativity was guided and channeled more towards my YouTube channel, and at some point in 2016 I pulled back my energy to focus on myself and integration, which I briefly explain here [TF Clearing Sacral Chakra to Reclaim Power, Self Expression, Sacred Sex + Wesak Energies]. But WOW, let me just say that. The themes that have presented over the year are plenty and deep, and I know I don’t stand alone in these experiences. This is a collective process, which is one reason I have been guided back to the keyboard. To speak and communicate, express in some form. You know that feeling? When you start to have these stream of thoughts itching and gnawing to be written down on paper or typed across the screen, and it replays over and over in your head until you get them out? Yeah, that.

I remember joining Instagram sometime in 2012, looking to find answers, inspiration, other Starseeds… hoping to find others who were experiencing something similar to my path. And I found it… I mean that is honestly one of the main reasons my social network, soul tribe, support and readership grew. Others in the awakening of 2011-2012 found me and I them, and we all guided, inspired, supported one another through our social media platforms, and wow, it was something beautiful, and still is! It is a huge factor in how I came to realize and awaken to my purpose – I shared astrological and healing themes, dived deep into Love and Fear, and whatever else needed to be communicated through me. Alot of effort shifted to visual teaching/communication [YouTube] as I explained earlier, but lately I have been feeling a strong urge to once again communicate different themes/lessons, but… “timing” wasn’t right. And I think at times I actually caused myself to feel guilt for not being present on social media to help others, or YouTube to communicate and teach concepts. I feel a huge responsibility putting myself out here to help others, but I had to remember that I have to take care of myself too. And that is what I did, what I have been doing. Because, let’s face it, these growing pains – expansions – are intense and I know I’m not the only one. I have soul sistars clearing and healing right alongside me; so this means that those that I do not know, and perhaps people I do know, have been going through the same – ancestral clearing, past life healing, family karma clearing, childhood sexual trauma healing, integrations and harmonizations, womb healing and so on…

pistis sophia by Sheranda Ann Kumara

Pistis Sophia by Sheranda Ann Kumara

Where should I start? I vote to list the themes at play instead of dates because time isn’t linear and these themes didn’t happen at exact same “time” for everyone, although there are groups of people that experience the themes together at whichever point in “time” for that group. And remember, sometimes you are clearing and healing for the collective, you may have felt/be feeling sensations, having memories, experiencing emotions that are not “yours.”

  • Clearing and healing for the Collective Masculine, clearing patriarchal programming, repression of Feminine/Intuition within [masculine incarnate and masculine energy within all of us]
  • Balance and harmonization of Masculine and Feminine within
  • Feminine incarnate remembering and healing collective pain of the Feminine [abuse, shame, repression, disempowerment, sexual abuse from Patriarch and collective karma from time of Matriarch]
  • Healing and integration of soul aspects
  • Childhood trauma healing, returning and reclaiming innocence, playfulness, and purity
  • Innerchild healing, integration of fragmented parts of inner child
  • Past life trauma healing
  • Rapid purging of distortions [programmed beliefs from society, environment, family, past lives]
  • Past life memories returning
  • Soul memory, DNA activations to remember mission/goal for current incarnation
  • Timelines merging/harmonization
  • Focused chakra clearings and healings
  • Sacral chakra clearing/purification
  • Kundalini Awakening
  • Clearing of sexual trauma/sexual manipulation/child molestation/pedophilia and exposing these vampiric entities and the human beings on the planet playing out and supporting this agenda of disempowerment and slavery
  • DNA repair and activations
  • Reclaiming power and setting healthy boundaries
  • Innerstanding importance of sacred space and maintaining clean, pure home/space and setting healthy boundaries for energetic protection/purity
  • Death and rebirth themes [changes, transformations within and without]
  • Root chakra healing [clearing distortions around stability, money, safety, disconnection to Mother Earth, learning/maintaining grounding]
  • Tests of Faith, Trust and choosing Love over Fear
  • Choosing timeline, choosing reality to vibrate to as Old Paradigm crumbles
  • Awareness and choice of feeding or starving energies/entities connected to Old Paradigm
  • Accepting and Balancing Dark & Light, Higher and Shadow Self within
  • Self forgiveness and forgiveness of others
  • Surrender
  • Twin Flame/Sacred Lovers/Twin Soul purgings, integrations and reunions [the themes above are a part of this integration]

That’s quite a list, huh? I probably could keep going…. I’m laying it out there to see if any of my readers, or any new visitors, resonate with any of these themes and if anyone wants to share their stories, their practices and remedies. ❤ I encourage you to check out my YouTube because I do have videos on some of these topics. We are all in this together, a collective, and we are moving the whole Human Race forward in spiritual evolution. ❤

Kundalini Rising by Celeste McNeal

Kundalini Rising by Celeste McNeal

I’ll share what my partner and I have tried and implemented. 🙂 “Diet” aka Food choices/Lifestyle is a HUGE factor, and if you don’t understand why.. research into Monsanto, GMOs etc. and vibration of processed foods and meats in comparison to fresh food [produce]. Staying away from Dairy as much as possible is also huge! I am creating a course that will walk you through a 21 day flush and fast that consists of only grains, nuts, fruits, veges [vegan diet], and I will explain the importance of clearing out the body – mind, body, spirit. Each week I will focus on one aspect – the body, the mind, the emotions and spirit – and help you understand how each aspect is dependent on the other. I hope you join it once I am finished! It will be affordable and it will support me to continue to do my work. ❤ We also implement clearing and protection techniques; we incorporate meditation; use crystal friends; take regular salt baths [to clear energy]; cut negative energy cords daily [as much as possible]; sing mantras; practice celibacy for span of time; partake in plant medicine journeys to clear, receive and reconnect [especially during really important cosmic events]; give one another pranic healing; and have recently started the practice of Falun Dafa. There’s probably more, but this is what I remember off the top of my head. 🙂

divine guidance from angels spirit guides divine beings

I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this.. which at times it can totally feel that way, especially if you are going through the awakening process or if you are in a low vibration as you are purging heavy stuff. I know, because I have been there! ❤ And when we are in these lows, a nice reminder goes a long way… gives hope, sparks soul memory, shines forth some Light on your heart and path… You are a powerful being of Light and you are not alone, you are loved, you are guided if you are open and willing to receive and listen to Divine Guidance and messages, you have the right to reclaim your power because you are a Sovereign being and YOU are the one to give, deny, and/or revoke permission to whomever/whatever of using/connecting with your power. If you are ever feeling confused, and really low, first step would be to clear your energy, reclaim your power, space and essence, and cut negative cords. This will take an energetic burden off of you and help you gain some clarity. ❤ I hope this reaches those that need it. ❤

Two aggressive dogs attacked emotional support animal

Wolfgang recovering from attack

On a side note, I want to share a GoFundMe campaign that my partner and I recently created. Our precious furbaby, Wolfgang, was attacked by two of our neighbors’ dogs several days ago, and they are refusing to pay for his medical bills and so this was a sudden unexpected cost for us. We are also in need of support to file a suit against them to receive compensation and to make sure that they are liable for implementing something to prevent their dogs from attacking anyone else. We are currently in a financial bind as we have been going through so many transitions this past year, but we are keeping faith and trust in God, the angels, our guides, and openly asking for any support. You can find out more by checking out my post Help Our Furbaby Recover From an Aggressive Dog Attack. Any monetary donations, resources, and support is greatly appreciated! ❤

With Grand Love,

Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work with my name and the original link ❤

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