Butterflies symbolize transformation, into the beauty of the soul

Believe in Yourself

Closeup photograph of a dandelion, which shows sacred geometry

Looking into the Universe. Captured by me.

By Trina Otero
Featured image captured by Trina Otero

Pay attention to the Universe, it is always whispering to you, nudging you, giving clues. Most often, others can see your strengths and gifts clearly, before you recognize them, because you are so accustomed to yourself and your capabilities. You think your gifts are ordinary, an everyday thing, you’d never think that it is what you can offer the world, and therefore, create abundance. You underestimate yourself, and the talents that come naturally to you. Listen to the whispers of the Universe, channeled through the lips of peers – the what-seems-very-random comments, compliments and suggestions. If you start to notice a pattern, pay attention. And, most of all, believe in yourself. Be true to yourself. – T.O., channeled from somewhere, someone, some way… ❤

May the Light guide you.
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