Conscious acoustic music artist Katie Buxton

Music Monday: “Revolution” by Katie Buxton

Acoustic music artist Katie Buxton releases first album

By Trina Otero

Artist: Katie Buxton
Track: Revolution
Album: Something Different

It’s spring – almost summer – and wow, did it bring in some sweet-ass fresh, creative energy.  So many of our intentions and creative ideas are birthing, blooming, and right along with this breathe of fresh air is the release of my soul-sis Katie Buxton’s 1st full-length album Something Different. In fact, her album was released the day of the powerful Super New Moon, May 25. So much birthing and manifesting, breaking through for all of us right now! New beginnings. New. Different. Something different.

Katie’s soul bumped into mine, serendipitously like all other soul-enriching encounters, somewhere along the way over these past few years via Instagram. I still remember the time I offered to stop by in Tennessee and jam with her on my way down to Alachua, Florida, where I performed seva at an ayurvedic healing retreat. Lol, I dunno what happened, I never got to stop by but doesn’t mean it can’t happen. 🙂 Anywho, I have really enjoyed her growth as a person and as a music artist. I sincerely feel this big bubble of pride and joy in my heart when she shares something new, when she shares her creations and successes.

So when she told me her album was being released, I jumped at the chance to feature her music for the first Music Monday of 2017. Her last track on the album, “Revolution,” immediately caught my attention – and I won’t ruin the surprise. Check out the song for yourself to see why it’s so meaningful. I hope her mindful lyrics and heart-filled tunes resonate with you all as well.

“I am not here to create something just to sell it – I am here to make people feel something, to think about things that they might not otherwise. To make people want to create a positive change in some way, shape or form. I strive to make music that leaves people a little different than they were before they heard it.” – Katie

“I’d [like to] talk about the title and where it came from, as it’s very important to me and sums up this whole new chapter.

When I was trying to think of a title for this album, I was sitting on my bed with my laptop open, writing down words I thought sounded cool in a blank document. I wanted something that felt right, something that encapsulated the entire album and my entire message, a name that was just as intentional as the rest of it. I sat there for awhile and had a pretty long list but nothing clicked.

I paused for a second and let my mind go quiet and immediately I saw the words in front of me – Something Different. I knew that was it – this project feels unlike anything I’ve created or observed. It’s honest and special and just feels really important. But what’s crazy is I didn’t even realize at first that those words literally come from a line in “Revolution”, the very last song and my favorite off the album – basically, when everything is going to shit and our world is in pieces, “maybe we’ll start wanting something different, but why does it take losing everything to start a revolution?” [The words] “Something Different” is not only how I see this project, but is everything I hope for and am working towards for this planet. I want to see our population demanding a better world – more peace. More joy. More honesty, and more love. It’s what I believe we are headed towards, as long as we wake up and start from where we are today, not tomorrow.

Katie Buxton's new album, Something Different

Katie Buxton’s album artwork drawn by Marissa Quinn.

Inside scoop on meaning of album artwork:

“When I was brainstorming the artwork I knew I wanted something related to animals and the natural world since that’s a huge part of who I am, and I wanted this album to feel as much like me as possible. I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted on it until I came across a picture of a rhino, and it immediately clicked. I didn’t really know why since I’ve never thought of them as my favorites or anything, but then the realization sort of came down from the sky:

Rhinos are unique in the way that they hold this quiet power – they’re never depicted as aggressive or predatory, yet they hold this sense of strength and power simply by being and existing as they are. I identify with this so much because something I believe in so deeply and that is the concept of this album is the fact that when we stand rooted in our truth and authenticity and everything that we are without apology, we hold this special, sacred power that allows us to help the world shift. We become a force.

Aside from the rhino, I wanted the bee to also be the centerpiece – when there are honey bees, there is balance. “Something Different” represents a world that is in perfect harmony again, and I believe it’s where we’re headed as long as this population keeps awakening.”

Hope you enjoy her intentional music! Check out her website to get to know her better and make sure to follow her on social media, which you can find her links there on her site as well. 🙂

May the Light guide you.

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