Twin flame intimacy clears chakras

TF Clearing Sacral Chakra to Reclaim Power, Self Expression, Sacred Sex + Wesak Energies

By Trina Otero

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017 sent powerful energies guiding us to clear our sacrals of the distortions of the past, enabling us to fully reclaim our birthright to feel, express, and enjoy life, including enjoying sex with our partners without all the baggage and illusions! Not only does the energy of the week bring us this healing theme, but there is death and rebirth here…letting go of that which does not serve highest good and fully embracing the rebirth and freshness rushing in, to carry us forward with such joy and creativity! And NEWNESS! To reclaim our power, our sacred sexuality, and to receive the divine energies coming in because of the sacred Wesak, giving us the energy to anchor in and carry out our life work, our spiritual missions on this planet. Watch my video below for more in-depth info. ❤

Beautiful music provided by @PowerThoughts Meditation Club

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