akosmopolite traveling through a vineyard in norhern italy

Be True to Your Path


By Trina Otero
Originally written Dec. 10, 2015
Featured image by Jessica Faith

“(S)he is a real teacher who not only instructs others, but practices the same instructions (her)self” – Hindu Proverb. I really love this quote. 💗 It’s the equivalent of “Practice what you preach” and “Walk the talk.” Even the greatest Masters were known to be 100% true to the path they taught to others. And this is my philosophy! If you know me at all, you know I am HUGE on Authenticity and being true to your path. Letting your life be the example of what you find to be true within your heart. That is one of the many reasons why Jesus is one of my favorite Guides & Teachers. Once I began Yoga Teacher Training in September of 2015, I discovered I am a natural yogini, this path is natural to me and I was practicing this lifestyle, minus the dedicated breathwork and asanas, for years! The training helped me create more space in my day for the importance of breathwork and asanas, along with education on the Elements and how to maintain balance within myself and around me! Another fact I respect is that a yogini is a practitioner too, as in, whatever a yogini is teaching you, she is also doing this in her daily life. True yoginis aren’t here to twist, stretch and show off cool yoga pants on social media — NO. We’re here on a very dedicated path and we want to help others and share ancient wisdom with all who are willing to learn. 💗 Grounding, anchoring, balancing, and reaching for the heavens at Ichetucknee Springs with my starsis Styfhany in the photo above.

Wana know more about yoga, the yogic lifestyle and/or ayurveda? Drop me a line 🙂

May the Light guide you.
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