Girasol Dinamico by Ricardo Chavez, complete with sacred geometry

Mantra for April to Awaken Your Consciousness & Open Your Heart ❤

By Trina Otero

Featured image by Ricardo Chavez-Mendez

It’s now Spring [in my part of the world :)] – nature is alive and there’s so much rebirth! The month of April is almost over, but it’s not too late to share these mantras for this month. These are perfect! They are beautiful songs to awaken your consciousness and open your heart. Both songs are in Spanish – I hope you feel it first, and then read the lyrics to “understand” although your heart will already understand. ❤

Let it feed your soul.

In the first song/mantra, they sing a poem by Rumi in Spanish, and chant a phrase, which is actually Arabic. Lyrics below video.

Poem by Rumi

Has sido esclavo de frios inviernos,
Has vivido lejos de los jardines
de ruiseñores y rosas,
Despierta, ya es hora,
Si te lo pierdes , nunca volverá.

Intermedio: lâ ilâha illâ huwa (arabe) …no hay dios pero El

You have been a slave of cold winters
You have lived far away from the gardens
of nightingales and roses,
Wake up, now is the time,
if you miss it, it will never come back.

Interlude: lâ ilâha illâ huwa (sacred arabic phrase) …there is no god but He…


The second song is a beautiful song/chant. It is considered an “icaro” or shamanic chant.

Abrete Corazón; Abrete sentimiento
Abrete entendimiento
Dejar a un lado la razón
Y dejar brillar el Sol
Escondido en tu interior
Aaaaa; Aaaaaaa…

Abrete memoria Antigua; Escondida
En la Tierra, en el água, en el aire
En el fuego, en las plantas, En tu cuerpo
Es tiempo ya; Ya es la hora abrete corazón
E recuerda como el espiritu cura
Como el Amor sana
Como el arbol floresce y la vida perdura
Abra tus alas
Respira profundo; y eleve-te hasta el Cielo
Mira el Sol de frente; como las águilas
No tengas temor; Confia en ti
Confia en Dios; Confia en la Vida


Open your heart
Open to your feelings
Open to your understanding
Leave reason to one side
And let shine the Sun
That is hidden within you
Aaaaa; Aaaaaaa…

Open up ancient memory
Hidden in the Earth
In Water, in Air
In plants, in Fire, in your body
It is time, Now is the hour to open your heart
And remember how Spirit cures
How love heals; How trees flourish and life endures
Open your wings, Breathe deeply
And lift yourself up to the sky
Look at the sun in front of you like eagles do
Have no fear, Trust in yourself
Trust in God; Trust in Life
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