Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 17 – Focus on Releasing Negative Fear!

By Trina Otero

Originally written Oct. 6, 2016

Day 17: Focus on Releasing Negative Fear!

“*Fear can be Negative or Positive.
*Fear that shows up Suddenly is usually Positive because it Helps with Survival & is a Sign to either Fight or Flight. Some Fear can even be Fun, like when Your Mind is Enjoying the Fearful Action because it’s Exciting.
*Fear produces hormones in Your Body. If You over use these Natural chemicals, You will feel Stressed, Paranoid, Depressed, Insomnia, Etc.
*Fear that You Focus on Often or when the Thing You Fear isn’t Occurring is usually Negative. Negative Fear is a Low Frequency Vibration & can cause Blocks in Your Chakras, which will Hold You Back from New Experiences.
*Write Down Your Negative Fear or Fears & How it makes You Feel.
*Fear: Face It..Explore It…Accept It…Release It!
*FACE Your Negative Fear or Fears In Order to Release it’s Energy!
*ACCEPT that Your Negative Fear is Unreasonable because It is not Occurring Constantly & there are Many people that have Overcome this Fear, which Means that You can also learn to Overcome the Fear.
*Releasing Negative Fear helps to Cleanse and Balance All of Your Chakras. You will also feel more Happiness & like a “Load” has been Lifted off of Your Back, so You can Experience Life to the Fullest!”

The irony that the next chakra detox challenge is to face a fear. 😑 day 17 I think. I’ve healed and have been healing from sexual trauma, abuse, and thanks to all the planetary alignments this year, now healing past life memories/trauma where me and my TF were separated from one another. Those memories are so painful. I decided to face a fear of being away from my Love and vacation with family in FL this week, and once I found out Hurricane Matthew is headed towards us I realize I have to face deeper fears. Old fears/memories of being torn away from him surfacing again. 😢ya this is a raw post but this is the reality of the fears/pain that many of us are healing, transmuting, and I plan to cover these topics in my podcast once I get it running. 💙 I don’t really remember what else was called for in this chakra detox challenge, for now facing the fear is enough for me. 💙 I hope my friends can join in prayer, meditation, and visualization to calm down the hurricane, sending it love. I realize we need to be more compassionate within and without .

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May the Light guide you.
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