The Proclamation

By Trina Otero

I am His Queen
His Empress, of the waters and all lands
His Prophetess, seeing through the veil
Traveling through realms and the ether
His Intuitive Guide, His Oracle
Nothing can escape my senses
I am His Counsel,
He seeks my wisdom and I respect His decisions
His left side,
Feeling so deeply, holding His heart
He desires my comfort
I calm His rageful storms,
Bringing peace and order to His chaos
His Healer
Every wound of His craves my gentle touch
I am pure, my clarity lights His path and He is inspired to walk it courageously
I am powerful, my strength reassures him when He is tired
My devotion strengthens him
I am sacred, He recognizes my divinity and honors it
I am His teacher, and His foremost cherished student
He loves to listen and share His treasures equally
His Devotee, my loving service warms and softens His heart alone
I am His infinite womb of creativity, bowing to His regal force
There is a harmonious ebb and flow of power
There is no divide, only union
I am His Goddess and He is my Lord

Trina Otero © 2016
Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work with my name and the original link ❤

Creative Commons License


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