Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 16 – Focus on Generosity!

By Trina Otero

Originally written April 2016

Day 16: Focus on Generosity!

“Pay It Forward Today by Doing Something for Someone else. Generosity has a Reverse Karma Effect! When You’re Being Generous, Do it because You Truly Want to. Don’t Expect a Return from the One You’re being Generous To because it may Come Back to You from another Source.

Generosity puts You in High Vibrations and Connects You to High Universal Frequencies, which Attracts Amazing things Towards You. Also, it will Heal, Balance & Increase the Energy Flow to Your Heart Chakra (Green)! You will Feel more Self-Love & Give more Unconditional Love to Others.”

I have had this assignment sitting in my inbox for over a month now, not because I didn’t want to do it but because this is something I do everyday. It is now very natural to me, and well, always has been. I am just a giver, I am a Healer. So I wasn’t exactly sure how to approach this challenge, so I told myself to wait and see. Well, a recent memory just came to my mind as I was editing my blog tonight — I remembered offering a dime to a woman in the check-out line at a grocery store a few days ago.

Chakra Detox Challenge_Chakras_Detox_Pay It Forward

I was at our local Kroger and waiting for a self-checkout kiosk to be available. I was next in line. A woman was ringing up her item but then I heard her call out, “Does anyone have a dime?” I didn’t see anyone else speak up or come to her aid, and I was happy to walk up to her and giggle, saying, “Of course, let me see!” I dug into my colorfully-weaved, indigenous-pattern wallet. I didn’t realize I had so many quarters, so I gave her one and told her to keep the change. She thanked me but insisted I keep the change. We said goodbye and I began ringing up my groceries. A few seconds later she walked back up to me and said, “Look what I just found on the floor,” and she showed me a dime. We laughed, and she told me to have the ten cents back. I refused and told her to pay it forward. She still wanted to pay me back, so I told her I’d lay the dime on the kiosk for someone else who may be in need next time. 🙂

I remember feeling amused, giggly and very happy to help her, especially since either people didn’t hear her or pretended not to [I felt fear vibrations from some]. And I just felt very elated when we both got a kick out of our interaction and her finding the dime! Was a small yet great moment with a lot of laughter. 🙂

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