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Chakra Detox Challenge: Day 15 – Focus On Taking Energy Breaks!

Chakras_Energy Cleanse_Meditation_Freedom

By Trina Otero

Day 15: Focus on Taking Energy Breaks!

“Take ‘Energy Breaks’ Throughout the Day. You can do it Anywhere! For Example, in Your car, in a bathroom, in a park or even in an Elevator, Etc. For 1 to 5 minutes through the Day or whenever You feel Stressed, Clear Your Mind of all Negative thoughts & Focus on the things that You are Grateful for & make You feel Happy. While You’re Focusing, Take Deep Breathes. As You Breathe be aware of Your thoughts. Inhale through Your nose & Focus on Positive energy. Exhale through Your mouth & Release the Negative energy. Deep Breathing is very important for getting more Oxygen to Your Brain. It will help You feel Relaxed, Release Negative Stress & will get Your Energy in High Vibrations.

Try to get At least 6-8 Hours Of Sleep. We are Electromagnetic Beings & Our Body needs Time to Recharge, Especially after Fitness. Energy Breaks & Sleep are great for Detoxing Your Internal Energies or Chakras. Your Chakras get Imbalanced & Blocked with Negative Stress, So we must get Ourselves Balanced by taking these Mental Breaks. With Rest, You will be in High Vibrations, which will help You attract Positive Situations!”

As I mentioned in the video, I am very grateful. I am being extra mindful during this time, and putting so much focus into new projects! I am also just so grateful to be carried in the wind, the breath of God, on the wings of faith. So much magic is happening and waiting to happen! ❤

If you’d like to try and/or experience how mantras can help you during an energy break, to center, let go of low vibrations, and be more present and Be Love, please check out my Mantras category. 🙏

Music also brings us into the present moment, and clears our space and energy of low vibes [especially if it’s high vibrational, conscious music]. Check out my Music category and Music Monday category!

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May the Light guide you.

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