past lives, past life trauma

Mercury Retrograde & Full Moon Trigger Wounds/Past Lives to be Healed

By Trina Otero

Key Word for this time: FORGIVENESS

“Combining this T-square with the Full Moon T-square with the Sun and Mars – and we have a feisty, fiery lunation bringing Light to all that is not being looked in in pretty significant ways…”

“Of course to really do this we have to be willing to see what we don’t want to see about ourselves, others and the world around us…”

“With Retrograde Mercury involved in all of this – deep and intense communications are in the works. It’s also a great time for deep penetrating insight into our past – childhood, past lives, depths of the psyche, etc…

“The waters could get rough… It could be challenging at times. Some people may be aggressive. Take good care of you.”

“Mars is the planet of action and desire. He is in Scorpio. Mars is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) …Watch out for losing your temper. Conversations can erupt into disagreements. This energy can make you irritable.”

“Of course power/control dynamics can arise with this formation as well – as can violence and overt or covert manipulation. We all have to be willing to look beyond the surface to get to the Truth of matters – within and without – right now.

“Yet the only way forward is to first deal with the past. And the astrology right now is all about digging up the past (personally and collectively) so we can deal with it, take responsibility for it and change the trajectory we are on.”

“Do something new and creative. Build up your strength. Practice patience. Meditate.”

“Pluto is going to deliver some messages (Mercury), so keep your eyes and ears open. Messages to do with your calling, your passions and the achievements that would be your crowning glory.”

Insights from Mystic Mamma, in resonance as always.

May the Light guide you.
May you have patience and unconditional Love with yourself and others.
May you have forgiveness for yourself and others in your heart.

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