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Video: How to Recognize Ego & How to Start Living in Bliss ☼

By Trina Otero

Are you aware of your Ego and when it is at play, trying to control you? In this video, I share an experience where I was able to recognize & understand ego from a different perspective, and consciously choose to shift out of fear and into a state of bliss! I hope this resonates with those meant to. ♥ The links & videos I mention in this video are provided below [if you do not see the links pop up within the video].

May the Light guide you.


1. Ego vs. Heart:
2. The Truth About Love:
3. NYE 2014 Video: Love Over Fear:
4. 8/8/8 Trip:
5. Learn how to shift your focus – Join the Chakra Detox Challenge:
6. Learn how gratitude can change your life & cause miracles:
7. The Wake-Up Call:
8. How to Attract Authentic People Into Your Life [and how to be honest with yourself]:
9. An exercise to help you find out if your thoughts/actions/speech is from ego or heart:

Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤

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