°∞°♥°∞°Lion’s Gate [8/8/8] of Self Love°∞°♥°∞°

By Trina Otero

Thursday I had an inkling that turned into an urge by Friday. I felt a deep desire within to be alone in nature on Saturday, August 8, which is called The Lion’s Gate 8/8/8. I’ve never slept in nature alone, and I haven’t camped since I was a child, but the urge was so strong and it felt like a calling. So Saturday I Googled free campsites near me, picked one, packed very light and took to the road!

I only brought water, light food, all my creative outlets [minus my laptop], and my crystals. I wanted to tune into Mother Earth, my crystals, my art, and the cosmos. ❤ I slept in the back of my truck and had a view of the lake!

Here’s a better view of the lake from the back of my truck. 🙂

primitive camping

I also had a beautiful feline with green eyes that checked on me sporadically. ❤ Cats tend to be Guardians for me. ❤

cat with green eyes, calico cat

I really wish I could have captured all the stars at night. I saw so many constellations, it was magical. I laid on top of my truck and meditated with my crystals under the stars for at least an hour. I received some beautiful gifts. I also saw movement near one of the constellations. ❤ I crawled back into my truck and slept like a baby, to the sounds of Mother Earth.

I awoke early, before the sun began to rise. I walked to the shore to greet the waters and the sun. The mist floating above the lake was dream-like. I loved it. ❤

Let me show you the sunrise…. 🙂 Look at each photo carefully. You will see the progression of the sun rising, lighting up the sky, and waters, with color. ❤ The reflections on the water are magical!

I continued to walk barefooted along the marshy shore, with my focus on the horizon where the sun was rising. I wanted to find it. While I walked by naked tree roots extending towards the water, I realized I had done this before. I then remembered a dream from 2011 where I had seen myself doing exactly what I was doing right then and there. ❤ There is nothing like that feeling, knowing you are in the most perfect place you can be. ❤

I had to climb back up the hill, to higher ground, to get to a different part of the shore to find the sun. Look at the beautiful sun rays! And the only flower in sight, standing tall, waiting on the sun to kiss its petals. ❤

This was everything I could dream of. So much Love everywhere. Self Love. And Creation.


I hope you enjoyed the photos. They are pretty, but they are a fraction of how beautiful it was in person. ❤

In gratitude.


sun orbs, sun rays, self love

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