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Embracing the Dark Side

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By Trina Otero
Written July 3, 2015

“Real growth is painful at times. Change is the only constant. Growth is optional.”

You know, I apologize for not posting about this sooner, but when you are fully immersed in your life EXPERIENCING it, you have to do just that. At this moment I am in a truly inspirational place, and this allowed me to reflect on the past year. I feel so inspired to share pieces of my journey so that others can find their way too.

Towards the end of 2014 it came into my awareness that this year was my dive into my Shadow Side. It was a full-on trek into my darkness, into my shadows. And I needed this, badly, in order to bring Light to the dark pieces inside of me that I didn’t know were still there [oh yeah, still there after so much healing work], but to also EMBRACE and LOVE my dark side. I had my full-on aha! moment in December when the moon was full in Gemini, Dec. 6, 2014.

“You are participating in the most significant astrological event of these opening decades of the 21st century. Recently, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn have moved again into a 90º/square relationship for their sixth of seven exact squares spanning from June 2012 to March 2015 representing a rarified time frame of integrating a new level of spiritual, social, political, and personal expression.” – from Mystic Mamma

I’d like for you to check out what Mystic Mamma posted about this cosmic alignment if you feel led to. I won’t put all of the info here. So here it is — Mystic Mamma’s report on the Full Moon in Gemini, Dec. 6, 2014

the shadow side, dark night of the soul, light and dark, gemini

I sketched this either in 2013 or the very beginning of 2014; however, I was too afraid to paint it and the timing never felt right. I had a creative block for months in 2014, but finally, with all the lessons of the Shadow Self under the Full Moon I felt the mojo. Perfect timing with the Full Moon in Gemini. Light & Dark, Higher Self & Shadow Self. ❤

So many other Lightworkers were feeling the different waves of energies throughout the year, and by November we all saw and strongly felt the revelations. I was checking in on friends, they were checking in on me… we were all experiencing situations and having realizations that allowed us to fully understand that it was time to not only embrace our Light but to embrace our dark side. Our Shadow Self.

It was also a great time of remembering and expansion. I dived deep into my shadows, so far under the waters to personally know which fears remained, and by embracing and befriending them they no longer clouded my psychic clarity. The veil was lifted. Because of this… I was easily remembering more and more of who I am. More and more of what I am capable of. ❤ I was remembering more of my intuitive gifts, such as feeling energy from crystals and feeling people’s energy with my hands. My hands were vibrating. Teal Swan said something profound in one of her videos — most psychics have to spend a decent amount of time facing their fears, facing their shadow side, to understand and discern their fears because their fears are the number one thing that clouds the third eye. Clouding the third eye makes it hard to use intuition.

So, here my Loves, I will leave you with a collage of pictures and thoughts that I seeded along my journey to remind myself and in hopes that this too helps at least one of you. ❤

choose love not fear, heart and ego, osho

Reacting “out of fear” doesn’t always mean you feel fear in that moment. But your reaction stems from fear, from a wound so old and deep that you no longer think it affects you… If you were never hurt… You would never choose that reaction because you would have no knowledge of that experience. We have learned to react to defend ourselves. We did not come into this world full of pain and anger. You cannot look into the eyes of a baby and tell me that this baby will react with harsh words or actions. No. We learn this behavior. We come into this world pure. Remember that… Rest in that knowing that your heart is still pure and that is where you can return to & rest, and gather your courage to choose a better way to think, speak, and act. ❤

choose your reality, respond not react, emotions, understanding emotions, energy

Get it in check. I’m guilty too… Moreso with die-hard old habits but they are slowly withering away. Today is full moon in Gemini, perfect time to stop denying your areas of weakness/fear based habits [Admitting is AWARENESS], accept that they’ve been there, and make a commitment to yourself to let go of these habits that cause tension, conflict, unhappiness, negativity [Letting go is RELEASE]. These habits can be thoughts, words you say or how you communicate, and things you do in general, to others and yourself. Let’s be more loving to ourselves and to others. We owe it to ourselves and our planet. So 1) Be Aware 2) Accept, don’t deny, that you have some areas that need work [needs more love] 3) Begin releasing. You can write down the things you’d like to stop and/or change, say prayers asking for help, or make a conscious oath to yourself. Whatever works for you. All of us are in this together, at our individual paces, but we’re all in this. It’s the only way our world will change, for the better. ❤

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control your emotions

think before you speak, ganesha, be mindful, respond not react

inner knowing, healer, ask the universe

What you need you already have. It simply unfolds and reveals itself when you’re ready. P.S. You can always just ask the Universe for help.

Fred Rogers, love is acceptance

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unity of love

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heart is a mirror, lift the veil of illusions

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wild woman, shadows, femininity, goddess, consciousness


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Akosmopolite, Trina Otero

May you embrace all of yourself and let the Light guide you.

Inspired? Share my Love but please credit my work! ❤

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