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History Lies to You: Indigenous Oppression is Still Alive & Kickin’

By Trina Otero

The Truth has many enemies, the lie has many friends. – También La Lluvia

History portrays the oppression, slavery, and murder of the indigenous (natives) as something of the past, which is FALSE. This is still reality and still happening in various parts of the world, even in your precious United States of America.

I encourage you to watch the trailer of this film, it’s a really good piece. The plot is of a Spanish director who wants to re-enact how Christopher Columbus invaded the Americas and the Caribbean and befriended the Natives only to manipulate, enslave, torture, and murder them for GOLD. For POWER. It’s a touching piece — it was hard to watch as I am Puerto Rican, which means I am the result of this very inhumane behavior upon my ancestors, the Taino, on the beautiful island of Borinquen.

If you are interested in watching the movie in full, you can find it on Netflix. Yes, subtitles are provided. 🙂

Lastly, I am an Ambassador for Lateral Love Australia, a nonprofit organization protecting the indigenous communities and cultures in Australia. The beauty of the organization is the values and mission is a universal one. The co-founders hope to build bridges with communities all around the world, advocating for empowerment, community resilience and resources, lateral love, the protection of culture, and the termination of discrimination/racism/hate/violence. If this interested you at all I encourage you to read further here.

P.S. The article attached to the feature image used, is here.

May the Light Guide you.
T.O. aka White Sage Wolf


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