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Cosmic Disclosure: Life Outside of Earth

By Trina Otero

If you already know that life exists outside of Earth — or you have always felt this way — and if you know of some of the events taking place within our solar system and beyond (or yet again have been curious about this), then yes I invite you to watch the two videos Gaiam has released for free. It’s time for the human species on Earth to see the bigger picture. PS: If you’re in intuitive empath, you’ll wana watch too. ❤

I don’t have an agenda to persuade or claim, I am here as a gatekeeper to share information. But I will say that the occupants on Earth have been deceived as far back as the “history” as you know it — it is part of what we call the matrix — and so humans have remained “asleep” except for those who have awakened. Awakening continues to happen, it happens in waves.

You can find the two free episodes Gaiam released by clicking on this link Cosmic Disclosure.

If you prefer to at least watch the first episode on YouTube, you can watch it below. To see the second one, please click on the link above. You don’t need to pay for anything or fill out any form. 🙂

Many blessings!
May the Light guide you.


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