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The Significance of a Nose Piercing

Photo by George Sistonen from Pexels

By Trina Otero

Last weekend I felt the urge to go get my nose pierced. Yep, sounds wild that I had a sudden “urge.” But it’s not that strange at all — I have admired the nose piercing for many years, the same way I admired tattoos, and I knew I wanted to do it but I never felt the right timing. I hope some of you understand or feel me…. I can just sense when things need to be done at the right time. I admired tattoos and knew I wanted one for over ten years, and finally got my tat in December 2012, and it is VERY special to me, and very sacred. 😌 The same goes for the nose piercing. I have not known why I felt so attracted to it all these years, until a girlfriend and I were Skyping one night and she told me it’s mentioned in Ayurveda. I was immediately interested.

[Here’s another read on Ayurveda]

Piercing the nose is very common in India, many people know that. But many people do NOT know that it originated from the Middle East. Oh yeah…. how many of you knew that? I didn’t! But let’s be serious…. before India was called India… it was a large area of land that included other areas that are now partitioned into their own countries… and all of this area was called by different names. There is so much history I could add to this article, and I might in the future. But if you look at a world map and look at the country we now call India… look at its placement and the surrounding countries. Imagine the cultural influences that impacted India. It is not hard to gather that nose piercing could have originated elsewhere and made its way to India OR that other countries practiced it. I mean… “great minds think alike.” [if you have evidence that nose piercing is an ancient priestess ritual and it was hijacked by patriarchy, hit me up. I may try to dig further into this.]

This practice is mentioned in a few texts. One place it is mentioned is in the Vedas, and how it aids / benefits women. [**sidenote** I will be doing some more research to find more exact dates on when this tradition was birthed, from where, and when it made its way to India. But this is an ancient practice and there seems to be a debate on its origins.]

[**another sidenote**] My YT video on this topic is probably THE most viewed video I have recorded. It’s funny but VERY cool, because this article and this video is bringing so many women to me to share their stories and how what I shared confirms their intuitive guidance! This is a gem you all. Thank you. Continue to share this with ALL sistars… because our divine feminine codes are being activated! 🧬💫🔮📿🧿🤲👑 But please keep reading, don’t mind my ADD-ness.

Piercing the left nostril is known to help ease the pain of the menstrual cycle and aid in childbirth. I read from another source that it also aids in providing more pleasure… [giggles].

Photo by Jean M. Samedi from Pexels

How does a nose piercing help with all this? Well, there is a “node” [marma] that is connected to female’s reproductive organs. Imagine acupuncture and how certain points on the body can relieve pain / energy. It’s similar. From this article I learned that the left side of the body is known as the feminine side in traditional Chinese medicine, and the right side is the masculine side. [which this is the same in energetic work I do.]

The article also gives very brief info on the history and how piercing the nose [if not already there] is part of the bride’s 16-step wedding beautification process, called Solah Shringar.

A bride with all 16 beautifications for her wedding. Photo by Farddin Protik from Pexels

I also found some interesting information on this site, where the author talks about many things, including the importance of the nose in India, which nostril releases carbon and what that means, which side to pierce, and the names of the different nose rings [nath, mukuthi, etc].

Example of a mukuthi. Photo by Sadman Chowdhury from Pexels

All in all, I wanted to share that I had this urge the weekend of May 30, 2015, and had it done June 2, 2015. Why am I telling you this? Because I felt an URGE to do it, which means there is importance in this and I am CONNECTED to this knowledge somehow. I have been very drawn to India for a very, very long time. Maybe about ten years! Most of my college girlfriends call me their “Honorary Desi.” [They even gave me a name – Tasneen.] 🥰 But most importantly, I am sharing this information because I felt this urge shortly after my first ayahuasca ceremony. And today I noticed someone found my video about my aya journey and when I checked out her YouTube channel, I noticed she too has been experiencing ayahuasca AND pierced her nose this month! ✨Interesting synchronicity.✨

Photo by Tomaz Barcellos from Pexels

I feel that this is happening COLLECTIVELY — many people are being called by Mother Ayahuasca, by Mother Earth. She is urging certain people to meet Her so that She can provide us with the information we have stored in our DNA, and these people can help themselves individually after experiencing aya so they later can help the human race on Earth, help our planet Earth, which assists in something far greater [galactic / universal growth].

I feel there is a global and galactic call going on right now. [If you are a Starseed, this is your call. WAKE UP.]

And the significance of the nose piercing is something that was stored in my DNA. By the way, I can attest that my menstrual cycle silently crept up on me…. I had the feeling of an oncoming migraine a few days prior to my cycle, as I usually do if my hormones are not in balance, but it went away the same day! Usually it lasts for DAYS! I had minor cramps the morning of and after that, not much. 🙂

I’ll be switching my stud for a small, gold nose ring once it heals. Wearing silver or gold is important and has to do with releasing toxins I believe!


May the Light Guide you.


P.S. So a few updates 08.16.21: if any of this vibed with you, consider joining me in my Patreon so we can talk more about womb wisdom. ALSO I was led to create a VIRTUAL sistar circle of sorts in my university, where I am dropping info / tools / channelings whenever I feel Spirit direct me to. I have not yet closed enrollment for this… I am continuing to follow Spirit on this. I also feel that this is the beginning of something BIGGER that I will be led to create. So check it out, sign up for the free preview and then join if you feel called to! And stay tuned. For updates on this, join my newsletter so you don’t miss any news about sisterhood gatherings, womb wisdom, etc. I am especially hoping to hear from women of color, especially if you live or grew up in predominantly white areas and felt disconnected / alone from your peoples and / or roots and want to feel inclusion again.

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Featured image of article by Esther from Pexels & sending so much gratitude to all the artists of the various photos used in this post! They’re all so beautiful.

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25 thoughts on “The Significance of a Nose Piercing

  1. Wendy White says:

    Tasneen TMI for you but I have girl trouble often and I am willing to give this piercing a go to try and get some relief! Does it matter where on the left side the piercing goes? Is the target area a particular place to hit the nerve to assist with this or is it a general area on the left side of the nostril that they aim for?
    Thanks girl!
    Wendy from Alabama


    • Akosmopolite says:

      Hey Wendy, 🙂 I wasn’t sure if this was a joke at first lol. But if this isn’t a bot and you’re a real lady 🙂 then no, this isn’t TMI at all!! I want more women to be able to confide in me, that is part of my work… and we def need sacred space to talk about our femininity and our womb, our menstrual cycles, our health issues etc. So, I’m assuming this has to do with maybe menstrual cramps bc you said relief? Either way… there IS an exact area where the marma point is. It’s on both nostrils apparently [I didn’t know that til later]. I suggest googling “phana marma” to see very close up diagrams/fotos of the marma point on the left nostril. It should be phana marma. If not just google “marma point on nostrils” I hope this helps! Take that foto to the tat shop or wherever you decide to get pierced. The guy who did mine actually knew where it was already. Alot of tattoo artists and piercers know about this/are spiritually awake 🙂 Let me know how it goes forreal, and hope to see you on YouTube and IG!


  2. Taylor Arjinder says:

    oh i loved reading this! i’ve been very keen on piercings since i was young but didn’t follow through on most. i’m gonna read about mama points now and see what it all means! also i’ve been feeling pulled to india for a few years now in my travels…hello fellow starseed!


    • Akosmopolite says:

      Taylorrr I didn’t even know you commented here!!! ❤ i'm so happy you visited my sacred space online 😀 i'm so happy you enjoyed this, i actually need to edit it a bit. I'll message you on FB ❤


  3. jornalistrad says:

    Hello, Trina!
    Thank you for your article, I tried to click at the website you’ve mentioned at “I also found some interesting information on this site, where the author talks about many things, including the importance of the nose in India”, but it is not opening.
    Can you please help me?
    Thank you!


  4. Ellen Moreira says:

    Hello, Trina!
    The website you’ve mentioned in “I also found some interesting information on this site, where the author talks about many things…” is not functioning. Could you please help me?
    Thank you!


  5. Jenna Ponders says:

    We are on SUCH a similar synch…though mine is now 2 years from this post. I’ve been attracted to the nose ring ever since I was a little girl, and my family was always horrified at the idea of it. While they loosened up a little bit, I seem to be the first of my DNA to be a Truly alternative thinker, and light worker.

    And to be honest, what’s kept me from piercing my nose for so many years has been the idea that I couldn’t Bc of my acting career.

    But where I am now is in standing up for my expression in every way. From outspoken conversations to…taking off for Europe despite “permission” or proper financial savings…and…by golly, I’ll also be getting a nose piercing while I travel. Just tonight I made the decision and was looking up right or left side articles and yours came up. Also planning on an aya journey this year. Let’s be friends!!!!!!! Haha!!!!! But seriously!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Akosmopolite says:

      Hi!!!!!!!!!! 😃😃😃 wohooooo! Where are you now? It’s funny how universe works but this article and maybe like 2 others have brought other women to me too which is super cool. There’s another woman who saw this article and she also had the same urge to pierce her nose RIGHT before (or after?) an Aya journey. Her first aya journey! Yep no lie! Did you have your amazing healing time with Mother Hoasca? 🍃💙🍃 sorry took me so long to see and reply, if you read my latest post you’ll see I’ve been doing self healing.


      • Hannah says:

        This is really crazy! I’m getting my nose pierced tomorrow and going on my first aya journey in October! I’d love to here more about your experience with aya; do you have another article about that? 🙂


      • Akosmopolite says:

        Hi there Hannah! I have had a pretty busy year, so I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. And look… it is OCTOBER. Have you returned from your aya journey??? Please keep me updated, I’d love to know. Talking about Mother Ayahuasca is special to me, and those who have communed with her understand my devotion and excitement. I do not have another article….. well I have I believe 2, but they both link to my actual video. I have started a video series about her, and I’d love to share that with you!! Here is the link to the playlist, hope to see you there on YT. And don’t forget to let me know how it went… some I know will be very personal, so share what you feel ok to share. Much love and light.


  6. Riddhi Patel says:

    you said that nose piercing was brought to India form the Middle East in the 16th century ( i’m assuming A.D. since it is not specified) and that its benefits are mentioned in the Vedas. The Vedas were written a few thousand years ago whereas 16th century was only a few hundred years ago. If we got it from the Middle East, how was it mentioned in the Vedas first?


  7. KN says:

    If the benefits of Nose piercing find mention in the vedas, how can the tradition then, be a culture transfer from the middle east in the 16th Century? Rig Veda was composed in the early 2000 B.C.
    Please correct the source info.


    • Akosmopolite says:

      Sorry for such a late reply, someone else asked the same question and I don’t know how I didn’t see that error. I usually am really good with fact checking. I’ll do some more digging. I remember at the time I did write this I didn’t find many sources. Do you know of any? Thank you!


      • sneha says:

        Rig Veda as do the other vedas had an oral tradition, the knowledge being passed on in the traditional “guru-shishya parampara” (teacher – student tradition) much much before it was composed.


    • Akosmopolite says:

      I honestly don’t know, not that I know of. I just read of how women do it. Would be interesting to look into, I’m sure males have exact same marma point on the nose 🙂


  8. Tanvi says:

    Thanks for the lovely reply🙏🏽 I will be going tomorrow to get my nose pierced! Super excited! This journey has been and continues to be miraculous revelation! ⭐️ I will definitely check out your video👍🏽 Good for you, no cramps🙌🏽 Yes, we are the Indigos 💜
    Thanks again and Namaste🙏🏽


  9. Tanvi says:

    Oh wow!! That’s just so mind blowing!! I am originally from India but live in the US. I was never interested in nose piercing until last month. I totally get what you are saying by the URGE😌 you felt. Even I am being awakened slowly by the Universe/Mother Nature. I suddenly felt the URGE to get a nose piercing… And surprise surprise it was after I came across Ayahuasca episode from Lisa Ling’s series on Nerflix. Even though I haven’t experienced it, I have had an astral projection and I can only imagine the psychedelic experience from Ayahuasca. So, I am going to get a left nose piercing in a few days😊 Excited to see how it affects my PMS and childbirth ( in the future😉). Your nose stud looks beautiful on you🌺 I am so glad to know women like you who listen to the voices and messages from their Divine self⭐️ that are helping many souls awaken🙏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

    • akosmopolite says:

      Wow!!!! You just blew me away!!!!! That is incredible, and how interesting that this happened after you saw something about Mother Ayahuasca 😌 That must be us women becoming even more in tune with our natural rhythm, and the rhythm of nature. It will be nine months I’ve had this piercing and I still don’t get cramps!!! I had dull ones last week but didn’t bother me and went away after that day. ❤ also you blew me away telling me Lisa Ling talked about Ma Aya. Like whoa. Um, that is crazy!!! Her message does want to come out… To help speed up the evolution of the human race. It’s desperately needed. ❤ You should let me know when you get your piercing ☺ and perhaps you might like to watch the video I made talking about Mother Ayahuasca. I know I should do more about my experiences but I’ve had other things to focus on. But the time will come 💜 Namaste & so happy it resonates!


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