Video: My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

By Trina Otero

My first ayahuasca ceremony was the most spiritual experience I have had thus far. So much was clarified, so many things revealed to me, and so much memory restored during this session. I realize it is extremely meaningful because all of the information I found with and within myself, during the journey…and not by sitting in a class, retreat, course, temple, etc. It was all within me. Ayahuasca is a bridge. It is pure information, divine connection, that leads you to more Truth. I also had very gentle, loving Guides with me and divine inspiration/consciousness was moving through the session, allowing the mestre to speak and chant about things that complemented/aided my inner journey. I am aware that [in this video] I did not cover everything I experienced, and I think that perhaps over time I will share information. Some things I may not. Things are still being revealed to me, dots are aligning, blank spaces are being filled. I am also aware that everyone has a different journey, whatever is needed to be revealed. I feel my journey was unique in the sense that I am a Starseed and these Guides were determined to remind and confirm my mission, abilities, and origins. ❤

I know the people intended to watch/listen will…and will understand/receive what they need to. ❤

May the Light guide you. Namaste,



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10 thoughts on “Video: My First Ayahuasca Ceremony

    • akosmopolite says:

      Wowww thank youuuuu! And I will look into your challenge! 😘 School ends next week, so no more teaching for awhile. So I’ll have time to write, paint and whatever else!


  1. bluebutterfliesandme says:

    33 & 333, also 3,s are my favorite numbers. My birthday is the 30th, OMG Kuan Yin too! I have experienced her full force. ❤ Love you my Trans-dimensional Goddess Sister ❤ "Keeping it real!" lol Tears of beautiful joy and gratitude ❤ Lemurian yes! I have listened and watched and I did need to hear it and watch it. You touched my heart and soul sister goddess. ❤


    If you share more please let me know.
    Also please add this post to my Let's Go Retro Blogging Challenge. Check my blog. I also reblogged this post. ❤

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